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Shelf Partitioning Systems

Customisable stock dividers designed to maximise your storage capacity

What is a shelf partitioning system?

Nene’s Shelf Partitioning System is a robust and adjustable stock organisation solution that fits any standard adjustable pallet racking or long-span shelving. Manufactured from high-grade galvanised steel, our dividers, with their solid steel frame, simply clip on and can be customised to suit any facility build sizes and specifications.

shelf partitioning system in racking

What are shelf partitioning systems used for?

Stock usually needs segregating, particularly smaller items or post, for example. In a busy mailroom or high-pick warehouses such as pharmaceutical and medical, you need a flexible system to accommodate your specific layout and adapt when required. Our system makes the pick far more productive and maximises every inch of usable space.

Benefits of using Nene’s shelf partitioning systems

Space maximisation

Divide up stock in your warehouse with much greater flexibility than a fixed shelving solution. This style of partitioning system helps to significantly maximise capacity, making otherwise wasted space profitable. You can customise each shelf with our easy-to-fit partitioning system to house minor items through to large packages and parcels.


An inexpensive addition to your existing shelving system, they’re cheap to install yet increase earning potential by maximising your space – more stock equals more sales. From a one-person operation to global DC, they are versatile and suitable for any budget.


Our shelf partitioning systems are manufactured from the same high-spec materials as the shelving and racking solutions they are made to fit. This makes them durable and long-lasting with solid rigidity and able to withstand the industrial wear and tear of a warehouse and busy stock room alike.

Easy to install

Compatible with most quality/approved wire mesh decks, Nene shelf partitions are versatile and easy to install. If your warehouse layout needs to change with seasonality and new products, they can easily be removed and reinstalled to reconfigure for the perfect workflow.

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