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Shelf Partitioning Systems

Maximise your storage capacity with our Flexible Shelf Partitioning suitable for use with all types of decking.

Shelf Partitioning Systems

Our Shelf Partitioning System is a unique and adjustable system designed to fit any standard pallet racking or long span shelving, and can be custom built to suit any warehouse requirements or sizes.


The Shelf Partitioning system is suitable for use with all types of decking, including wire mesh, timber, chipboard and galvanised steel.


With two channel tracks fitted to the system’s back panel acting as runners, this allows the individual dividers to be positioned to suit specific product requirements.


The dividers within the Shelf Partition System lock into position quickly and simply just using a special aluminium key.

Optimise the space

Products can be separated on each shelf, maximising the available volume and avoiding the wasted space that occurs with fixed divider systems.

Wire Mesh Products

Download our brochure for more information on our vast range of wire mesh products.

Shelf Partitioning System Gallery

Product demonstration

We provide product demonstrations at our UK showroom, allowing you to trial and test our solutions, assessing first-hand the different options available.