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Wire Mesh Baskets

Our wire mesh baskets are used in manufacturing and distribution globally and have been for many years. They are extremely durable, collapsible and stackable.

Quality & Strength

Offering outstanding durability and superior strength from our automated wire welding process, the wire mesh baskets are constructed with precision and care, resulting in a high quality, electrogalvanized finish.

All our products are tested for quality and strength before leaving the factory to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits

Available in Junior, Senior and XL basket size, the wire mesh baskets have a number of features and benefits to suit a variety of needs including:
  • Collapsible and stackable design
  • Standard half-front drop gate
  • Robotically welded feet and under structure
  • Heavy-duty locking handle design
  • Precision welded 2″ x 2″ – 2 ga. wire mesh pattern (Junior: 1/2″ x 1/2″ – 11 ga.)
  • Weight loading options – Junior 680kg, Senior up to 1800KG (no casters), XL up to 1800KG (no casters)


All our baskets are available in an electrogalvanized finish from stock in order to prevent rush and wear. There is the optional hot dip galvanised finish that is ideal for colder and harsher environments and powder coating is available in any colour.

Optional Accessories:

  • Casters
  • Label placard
  • Heavy duty feet
  • Heavy duty feet with pallet runner bars
  • Dividers
  • Hinged Lids
  • Full drop gate
  • Swing gate
  • Stacking guides
  • Fork pockets
  • Fork stirrups
  • 4-way runners
  • Removable lid
  • Collapsible rigid design


Detail dimension is 20” deep x32”wide x22”high (inside height is 16”)
One half drop gate on 32” side
Mesh grid: 14mmx14mm
Wire: 3.0mm
Install of caster is design specific and will need to be discussed
Junior Basket loadings – 680KG

Senior (W-6-404836)

Detail dimension is 40” deep x48”wide x36”high(inside height is 30”)
One half drop gate on 48” side
Mesh grid: 50mmx50mm
Wire: 6.0mm
Loading without casters: 1800KG
Loading with casters: 840KG

XL Basket(W-6-404842)

Detail dimension is 40” deep x48”wide x42”high(inside height is 36”)
One half drop gate on 48” side
Mesh grid: 50mmx50mm
Wire: 6.0mm
Loading without casters: 1800KG
Loading with casters: 840KG


4” caster
Each set of casters is including 2 swivel casters with brake +2 rigid casters

Wire Mesh Products

Download our brochure for more information on our vast range of wire mesh products.

Product Demonstration

We have over 40,000 mesh decks in stock in locations across the UK and Europe, allowing for short lead times on standard sizes. We also offer custom sizes available to order.