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Wire Mesh Baskets

Durable, collapsible and stackable for optimum quality and strength

What are wire mesh baskets?

We manufacture our wire mesh baskets through our automated wire welding process. The baskets are available in a range of sizes that are lockable. Constructed with precision and care, the result is a high-quality, electro-galvanized finish.

wire mesh baskets for storage

What are wire mesh baskets used for?

Highly versatile, you can use wire mesh baskets to house anything. In colder and harsher environments, we can add a hot-dip galvanised finish for additional protection. For everything else, choose a suitable size to prevent drop-through, and you have a flexible storage solution to collapse and store when not in use.

Benefits of using Nene’s wire mesh baskets

  • Collapsible and stackable design to keep your facility organised
  • Robotically welded feet and understructure provide a robust foundation
  • High spec precision welded 2″ x 2″ – 2 ga. wire mesh pattern (Junior: 1/2″ x 1/2″ – 11 ga.)
  • Standard half-front drop gate for easy access
  • Heavy-duty locking handle design for security and safety
  • A range of weight loading options for versatility – Junior 680kg, Senior up to 1800KG (no casters), XL up to 1800KG (no casters)

Type of Wire Mesh Baskets available at Nene

For full range or bespoke mesh decking, please contact us, or request a quote.



Detail dimension is 20” deep x32”wide x22”high (inside height is 16”)
One half drop gate on 32” side
Mesh grid: 14mmx14mm
Wire: 3.0mm
Install of caster is design specific and will need to be discussed
Junior Basket loadings – 680KG

Senior (W-6-404836)

Detail dimension is 40” deep x48”wide x36”high(inside height is 30”)
One half drop gate on 48” side
Mesh grid: 50mmx50mm
Wire: 6.0mm
Loading without casters: 1800KG
Loading with casters: 840KG

XL Basket(W-6-404842)

Detail dimension is 40” deep x48”wide x42”high(inside height is 36”)
One half drop gate on 48” side
Mesh grid: 50mmx50mm
Wire: 6.0mm
Loading without casters: 1800KG
Loading with casters: 840KG


4” caster
Each set of casters is including 2 swivel casters with brake +2 rigid casters

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