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Drive-In Racking

The ideal high-density storage solution for warehouses holding homogenous stock of the same SKU on many pallets.

What is Drive-In Racking?

Modular in structure, capacity is maximised in part by minimising access routes, with the forklift driving in and reversing out to pick and replenish. An adaptation to this is Drive-Through, following the same principles with space maximisation. Both racking styles are a highly economical solution for high-turnover heavy goods picking for a range of industries thanks to the optimised space and reduced staff needed to pick the items.

Often referred to as ‘deep storage’, Drive-In Racking allows for multiple levels and deep rows of stock, using Last In, First Out (LIFO) stock replenishment and pick, which means little manoeuvrability is required of the forklift. The only special requirement of the equipment is that the forklift has a rotating fork to pick, as the truck cannot move sideways.

  • Easy reconfiguration – manual or mobile
  • Cost-effective solution for high-density storage
  • Excellent stock management
  • LIFO pick and replenish
  • Requires a standard forklift with a rotating fork
  • Economic high-volume storage
fork lift using drive-in racking
drive-in racking in use in a warehouse
fork lift using new drive-in racking
drive-in racking being installed by a fork lift
Nene Mobile Racking

Is Drive-In Racking Right For Me?

Drive-In Racking, like all Nene products, is highly durable, factoring in and absorbing wear and tear from use with a forklift, and can be supported further with additional safety and maintenance products and services provided by Nene. These include products such as our industry-leading rack protectors, barriers and Deflektors to rolling maintenance contracts and emergency call-out service, keeping you safe, secure and sailing through your SEMA Rack Inspections. We supply drive-in racking from a range of manufacturers, including Stow Drive-In Racking

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