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Case Study

Build Base

The Client

One of the UK’s fastest growing builders’ merchants who are approaching 200 branches nationwide. Our client’s branches are long-established companies which have been serving local trades people for many years.


Gary Coleman
Aaron Shepherd

Products & Services

Expert Consultation
Stow Pallet Racking
Mesh Decking
Bespoke Manufacturing

The Brief

The branch in question specialise in Timber and had their entire yard covered in packs of timber; our task was to store this timber off of the floor in racking.

What was Required?

To be able to speed up their operating times; thus speeding up waiting times for customers was one of the main goals. Also another factor affecting the branch was that when receiving deliveries the operation could grind to a complete halt.

Our Solution

A cantilever system allowing the branch to store the product range horizontally in the air.

Our product was not only the most economical option but also provides our client with lower maintenance costs if the future.

As the system supplied is bolted (as opposed to welded) it allows for repairs works to be carrier out quickly and you only ever have to replace the specific damaged element of the rack.

On receiving the plans from our client Nene carried out a full site survey to ensure the plan put together on paper would work in reality.

This then allowed us to compile a plan of works on site to suit the clients’ needs.

From point of order the entire solution was delivered and installed within 6 weeks.