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Miniload Multi-Store Shelving

An intelligent shelving system used to optimise the storage and retrieval of larger, heavier goods.
Miniload multi-store shelving is an automated storage and retrieval system, most commonly used for storing cartons and totes in large quantities and different sizes. Cartons can be stored single or double deep, depending on the technique used and the required system.

Highly adaptable, all components are fully customisable to fulfil the specific storage requirements of the installation.

Key Features

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Optimum use of space and height
  • Adaptable to the good being stored
  • Highly durable
Miniload multi-store shelving system close up
Miniload multi-store shelving system with anti-collapse mesh
miniload shelving unit
Miniload multi-store shelving frame and braces
Miniload multi-store shelving system in a warehouse

Is Miniload Multi-Store Shelving Right For Me?

Multistore shelving is best suited to applications with goods of heavier weights being stored and processed. We also provide a miniload single store shelving system.  

It’s essential that you choose the right shelving system for your business, to fully optimise your space. With over 45 years of industry expertise, Nene can guide you to finding the perfect solution.

We create bespoke systems for our clients, designing their shelving systems around their needs, making maximum use of space available, whilst guaranteeing that materials we supply are always of the highest quality.

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