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Vertical Storage Racking

Effective, adaptable storage solutions for long items that don’t fit into standard pallet racking bays.

Vertical Storage Racking

Our comprehensive range of vertical storage solutions takes care of storing long items or anything that needs to be stored vertically while remaining readily available. You might also be interested in our Wide Aisle Pallet Racking solutions.

Ideal for long materials

Ideal for handpicking items such as tubing and pipes, our vertical storage products are the most logical solution for lengthy materials.

Easily Adjustable

With the addition of one of our divider options, you can adapt the vertical storage to allow for a quick and easy selection process. To accommodate varying stock levels and sizes, the divider arms are easily adjusted by hand, with a retaining angle on the floor keeping stock securely in place.

Vertical Storage Racking Gallery

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Product demonstration

We provide product demonstrations at our UK showroom, allowing you to trial and test our solutions, assessing first-hand the different options available.