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Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors

Turning unused space into a multi-purpose structure.

A multi-tier mezzanine flooring solution is ideal for warehouses, factories, and large premises that have a lot of empty space within the ceiling of their building. This dead space can be converted into economical and valuable areas to help improve current operations.

Nene’s Warehouse Solutions mezzanine experts can skillfully optimise your building; by installing integrated floors which cater for a variety of storage and space-saving solutions that’ll benefit your business.

Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floor Benefits

A multi-tier flooring structure is an effective way to solve common business pain points; providing space to store products and expand services, improving overall production.

Extend Your Floor Plan

Installing several connecting floors into your warehouse is a profitable way to instantly extend your floor plan and storage facilities. With extra space, you can expand your services, store more stock and grow your business all from one location.

Avoid Relocating

Multi-tier mezzanines mean you can increase the size of your premises with minimal distribution or business downtime. You also save money on relocating costs, larger premises fees or having to pay for building work to adapt your current framework.

Provides Multiple Solutions

If you require additional space for multiple reasons: storage, offices, facilities etc., layering mezzanine floors allows you to accommodate every requirement. Their flexibility means you can house everything you need and reconfigure them later if needed.

Bespoke Multi-Tier Mezzanine Flooring

Our mezzanine floors are designed and built specifically for you. We’ll consider your requirements, layout and logistics to create an operational, multi-use structure. Including all safety measures, electrical points and convenient access between each floor such as lifts, stairwells or chutes.
multi floor mezzanine floor stairs

Different Uses For Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors

When you have excess space to work with, how do you find the most effective flooring solution? Our expert mezzanine designers work with you to maximise your space and suggest successful solutions such as:
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Hybrid and Integrated Spaces

Retail or manufacturing warehouses often require several departments within their production line. Multiple mezzanine floors allow businesses to organise a clear and productive structure, keeping the entire process under one roof.

mezzanine floor with pallet storage

Pallet Storage

Mezzanine floors are built to hold heavy weights. Meaning large and bulky pallets which take up essential ground floor space can be moved up into a dedicated area. With added access for forklift trucks to safely load and unload.

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Shelving and Stock Storage

Additional floors for storage allow you to store more products ready to meet peak periods as well as proving the opportunity to restructure the layout of stock. Forming a better process for picking items and a more accurate way of taking inventory.

warehouse designated walking zones

Dedicated Zones

Multi-tier mezzanines allow you to dedicate entire floors to different parts of your production line. From extra picking and packing facilities to meeting rooms and offices, mezzanines can include soundproof or temperature-controlled rooms tailored to your needs.

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Staff Offices and Meeting Rooms

With such a large operation, it’s helpful to have the right people nearby. Mult-tier mezzanine floors enable you to allocate an entire space to staff. Our floors can be partitioned for privacy and are fitted with the right technical requirements.

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Breakout Spaces

In large premises, moving from the warehouse floor to staff facilities consumes valuable time. By building rooms such as locker rooms, break-out areas or kitchens, closer to your team, you’re creating a convenient and time-efficient solution.

warehouse mezzanine stairway

Multi-Tier Mezzanine Flooring Regulations

No matter whether your mezzanine flooring has one or numerous purposes, we ensure it’s compliant with the design build and installation. Meeting safety and building regulations as well as adhering to any planning permission assessments.

Find out more about Mezzanine Flooring Regulations.

Mezzanine Floor Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance

Our experienced project managers oversee all projects, no matter the size or complexity. Our mezzanine floor process involves 6 simple steps:

1. Site Survey – We’ll visit your site to assess the available space and logistics and understand the desired purpose of your floor based on your operations.

2. Review Regulations – Our team will ensure your new mezzanine is compliant, including fire, health and safety and building control, as well as assist with relevant surveys or applications.

3. Our Recommendation – We’ll help you decide on the specification of your mezzanine floor and ensure it is best suited to you based on your requirements, room and restrictions.

4. Design and Mapping – Our in-house designers will create 3D CAD drawings to provide an accurate floor plan. Amendments can be made at this stage.

5. Manufacture and Installation – Tailored to your requirements, your structure will be expertly built and installed with minimal disruption by our highly experienced installation team.

6. Aftercare – Our Contract Services Division is dedicated to providing the best aftercare for our clients. We’ll support your ongoing requirements, from maintenance to inspections.

Nene Warehouse Solutions projects team

Our Mezzanine Floor Solutions

Here at Nene Warehouse Solutions, we’ve delivered a diverse portfolio of comprehensive solutions. Using our skills to manage every detail of a mezzanine installation, including safety and practical elements such as:
  • Staircases
  • Pallet gates
  • Handrails
  • Partitions
  • Packing benches
  • Conveyors
  • Furniture
  • Ceilings
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Lighting, Power & Data
  • Plumbing

From Consultation to Installation and Maintenance

From initial consultation through to installation and ongoing maintenance, our SEMA-accredited engineers make sure safety and compliance are always kept in the front of our minds.

Highly qualified and experienced experts in design, supply, and installation, Nene are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives to the highest standards.

SEMA Approved Installation Company and Inspector

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