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Electrical Maintenance

At Nene Electrical we specialise in keeping your electrical systems running smoothly and efficiently. Our electrical maintenance team are here to prevent downtime and prolong the life of your electrical installation.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

Periodic inspection and testing to check electrical installations are in satisfactory condition for continued use.

Energy Efficiency Audits

Assessing systems for energy-saving opportunities and implementing improvements using Voltage Optimisation, Harmonic Filtration and Power Factor Correction.

Fault Diagnosis and Rectification

Identifying and resolving electrical faults to prevent future problems with the use of ‘infra-red imaging’ .

Why Nene Electrical?

Choose Nene Electrical for maintenance services that combine expertise with efficiency. Our team offers tailored, proactive maintenance solutions that minimise downtime and keep your systems compliant and safe. With Nene Electrical, you’re investing in reliability and long-term performance for your business’s electrical infrastructure.

Maintenance Contracts

High quality maintenance services ensuring your electrical systems remain optimal condition all year round.

Emergency Repairs

Rapid response and repair services for unexpected electrical issues.

Get in touch with the Nene Warehouse Solutions Team

Keep your business’s electrical systems in top condition with Nene Electrical. Our dedicated maintenance services provide the reliability and efficiency your operations demand. From routine inspections to emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to explore how our expert team can help maintain and enhance your electrical infrastructure, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance.