Racking Protection & Safety

Nene is an industry-leading provider of Racking Protection & Safety solutions.

Racking Protection & Safety

Nene provides a wide range of racking protection and safety solutions to complement whatever storage solution you have in your business.

Wide aisle racking storage

Rack Deflektor

Investing in Rack Deflektors is an inexpensive and easy way to protect racking uprights against pallet and forklift damage.

Drive-in racking storage

Steel End of Rack Barrier

Nene Storage Equipments Steel End of Rack Barrier gives ultimate protection for vulnerable areas.

Push-back dynamic racking storage

Timber Barrier

A major benefit of our Timber Barrier is that once the barrier is hit or damaged, it is a cheap and quick fix.

Live storage dynamic racking storage

Warehouse Barrier Systems

A heavy-duty and effective way of protecting walkways and other areas within your warehouse.

Wide aisle racking storage

Pallet Back Stops & Support Bars

Nene Storage can supply and fit a wide range of “Pallet Back Stops & Support Bars” for your storage units.

Drive-in racking storage

Steel Upright Protection

If you require robust upright protection, then our bespoke steel upright protectors are the answer.

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