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Anti-Collapse Mesh

Simple, effective protection from falling products whilst minimising racking collapse

What is anti-collapse mesh?

Industrial grade, high-quality steel grid mesh sheets are manufactured with welded frames to work with various bracket types for modular application, increasing stock protection on pallet racking systems.

anti-collapse mesh installed on pallet racking system
warehouse racking with anti-collapse wire mesh

What is anti-collapse mesh used for?

Applied in sheets, anti-collapse mesh panels protect warehouse employees from falling stock or anything stored at a height, and damage to goods from toppling racking. Applied to the rear of racking systems, they are an essential solution to help localise damage and drastically minimise any cause for racking collapse.

Benefits of using anti-collapse mesh

Prevent Injury

A primary and essential benefit of anti-collapse mesh is to protect your employees. Apply to the rear of your racking systems but also on staircases, walkways, and corridors where any stacked goods are present. Even when stacking at a relatively low height, falling items can still cause serious injury. With close to 700,000 non-fatal workplace injuries recorded last year alone, there is no better time to protect your staff for a happy, healthy workforce.

Minimise Damaged Goods

Whether running an SME, FMCG facility, or stock holding, there is little more soul-destroying than writing off products and goods due to warehouse damage caused by falling and poor stock-piling. Adding Nene anti-collapse mesh protects not only the immediate environment but also the wider racking from collapse. Use with Nene’s extensive range of racking protection to provide the most secure home for your products while they wait for the next part of their journey.

Highly Durable

The grid-style mesh panels are manufactured from galvanised high-grade steel built to withstand industrial wear and tear. These panels are then attached using toughened 3mm brackets and secured with fixings to create a robust safety net for your products and people. For further safety or aesthetic measures, Nene can colour match and powder coat all panels, fixtures, and fittings to your branding and warehouse organisational layout for a truly bespoke finish.

Stop Theft

A simple yet very effective theft deterrent, anti-collapse mesh grids are designed to not let anything through, whether falling or being forcibly pushed or pulled through. If an attempt is made, you will see considerable damage to the mesh as culprits will need to cut or bend the steel to try and get through – not an easy opportunistic theft, and all of which you should catch on camera.


Anti-collapse mesh is a highly cost-effective solution for protection and security. Racking collapse is a devastating cost to a business when it happens. The chance of significant injury is high. And, the aftermath of goods and equipment lost, followed by the cleanup operation, is massive. Crucially, injuries aside, the impact on your productivity and earnings can be hard to come back from. Using racking protection like anti-collapse mesh can eliminate the danger of collapse for minimal cost.

Easy to Install

To be customisable, anti-collapse mesh is manufactured in a modular design, making it easy to deliver and build on-site. With no complicated fixtures or fittings and supplied with pre-drilled panels, its clever yet straightforward design allows for quick installation with little disruption to a productive day. Better still, work with Nene to implement anti-collapse mesh at the inception stage of your build for complete peace of mind from the get-go.

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