About Us

The Nene Group is a UK family-owned business and has been trading since 1974.

The Nene Story

The Nene Group is a UK family-owned business that has been trading since 1974.

Our principal business continues to revolve around Industrial Property Development and Ownership, as well as Storage Equipment & Material Handling.

Working With Household Names

Our ownership of land & property within the East Midlands area has allowed our trading companies to maintain a strong financial position within their specialist areas, and with this strength and market presence has come our ability to enter into demanding contracts with many household name companies within the retail and logistics sector of the market place.

The Future Of Nene

Going forward we want to be the most positive and innovative company operating within our key business areas, and to that end have taken direct interests in the USA, Europe, and the Far East to strengthen both our purchasing & sales positions.

As a company, we are committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism within our companies and will continue to invest in the latest I.T. and company aids available to ensure that we maintain our strong position.

With our Head Office and Production Facilities based in the East Midlands, which has become a core area for the distribution & logistics operations of a large percentage of UK companies, we are well placed to assist with the further development of the UK & European Storage Industry.

Our Expert Team

We believe that our employees are what makes us a great company and we make no apology for our continued investment in the training and progress of our fantastic staff.

Benefits Of Working With Nene

We are a fully qualified SEMA SEIRS Approved Installation Company and carry all the correct certification including SAFE CONTRACTOR and AVETTA AUTHORISED PRINCIPAL CONTRACTOR.

  • Professional Directors and Management team
  • Huge experience in field of Storage Equipment both within end user and trade distributor sales
  • Latest design technology
  • Large contracts with many established UK retailers/wholesalers in terms of racking (asset) management
  • Nene offer a “one-stop-shop” service for logistics and distribution companies in terms of all warehouse storage equipment
  • Extensive industrial property portfolio
  • Massive stock holding
When we contacted Nene, we had been having issues finding storage that would fit in awkward spaces, due to the layout of our warehouse. The guys at Nene were great. They came out to our warehouse, took measurements and put a plan in place. John Burns (warehouse manager) got us sorted quickly and professionally. Our business has grown, now that we’re storing our products more efficiently and can find our stock more quickly. Thanks, Nene! Tom James

Logistics Manager