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Warehouse Design & Reconfiguration

As the demands on the warehouse industry continue to
grow, there has never been a more crucial time to
optimise space and maximise storage capacity.

As the demands on the warehouse industry continue to grow, there has never been a more crucial time to optimise space and maximise storage capacity. It is not enough to just create more space; it has to be efficient and be able to manage the increasing pressures warehouses are coming under to help increase the throughput of sales, and grow with your business.

At Nene, we look at the immediate needs of our turnkey clients and the future efficiency required to scale and evolve, creating adaptations and opportunities to reconfigure as part of our bespoke design services.

Nene’s Warehouse Design Service

Auditing Operations

In-depth auditing of your operations identifies where, why, and how best to reconfigure your warehouse to achieve the productivity, safety and management objectives of your business. We look at various scenarios that can warrant a change, including seasonality, new product ranges, business scaling and workflow changes.

Space Optimisation

With the analysis data from auditing, we look at where we can best optimise the space to maximise opportunities for growth, more goods storage and even office space options. We can achieve effective and efficient space optimisation through racking changes, mezzanine flooring services, mesh products, and more.

Improve Operation Efficency

Operational efficiency is vital in design and reconfiguration, working hand-in-hand with space optimisation to allow businesses to perform at their best. Our designers look carefully at how goods move through the warehouse, from product selection to packing and loading, ensuring streamlined and trackable workflow.

Changing the racking in a facility is just one of the ways to improve efficiency; with mobile racking, live racking, carton flow and narrow aisle just some of the options to choose from, there is always a way for Nene to make your space more efficient.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

Improving efficiency and investing in high-quality, proven products is how you will reduce unnecessary costs in your warehouse and potentially increase the service period of your building. With variable loading and pick-times, damage to goods, unproductive staff, double handling and clunky workflows all big contributors to wastage and financial loss, inefficiency is an avoidable cost Nene looks to eliminate for every client.

When we consider a warehouse layout we do not just consider the storage elements and racking type, the inbound and outbound marshalling areas also have to be considered to ensure that there is sufficient floor space to manage the number of loads per shift/day coming in and going out. If this becomes congested it causes bottlenecks in the operation, can prevent the efficient flow of goods and subsequently result in order failures if not managed correctly.

Nene’s Reconfiguration Service

Successful reconfiguration of your warehouse can make the difference between moving premises or not, increasing revenue and more. Done effectively, reconfiguration can save you considerable costs in the long run, and make you more productive in the process.

Our design services expertly reconfigure spaces of any size, finding opportunities to optimise space and maximise storage with proven systems and quality equipment.

Racking mobilisation is a safe, cost-effective, and highly productive solution for reconfiguration. As exclusive suppliers of Gondola Skate, Nene provides and installs market-leading equipment and systems to enable you to reconfigure your warehouse quickly and efficiently.

If you require more bespoke solutions, Nene has you covered. We collaborate with you to define the needs of your warehouse and develop bespoke solutions that meet those requirements.

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