Contract Rack Hire

When you need extra racking or storage for a specified time, you can hire storage from Nene.

Contract Rack Hire

When your business is in need of extra pallet racking or storage capability, it’s not always the right option to buy additional pallet racking, especially if your requirements are unpredictable or short-term.

Instead, why not consider a Contract Rack Hire?

We will deliver and install to your specifications, and when the hire period is over, and you no longer require the pallet racking, we will come and take it away.

Therefore, you won’t be left with a space that you can’t use, or additional pallet racking that you no longer need.

In addition, because you are hiring and not buying, there is no capital investment involved, just a weekly operational cost.

Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Contract Rack Hire' services in the UK and Europe.
Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Contract Rack Hire' services in the UK and Europe.

Benefits of Rack Hire

The cost will include racking installation, maintenance, and the full support of our in-house CAD service to ensure accurate and concise layouts.

This means we can use the latest technology to devise efficient floor layouts to solve all of your short or long-term pallet racking and warehouse storage needs.


Features of Hiring:

  • Hire Terms from 4 weeks to 5 years.
  • Hire cost will include all delivery and installation/dismantling and collection costs.
  • Fixed price suits a cost-plus accounting scenario.
  • Quick and hassle-free, often avoiding a need to request capital from the business.
  • Tax advantages for terms over 1 year.

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