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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Adding value to your warehouse by revolutionising traditional sorting methods.

What Are AMR Robots?

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are entirely independent and self-guided. These innovative robots are designed with high-spec sensors, cameras, visual recognition and AI intelligence to provide end-to-end capabilities. Their data-driven technology delivers increased productivity, efficiency and attention, as well as creating a safer, energy-saving and more cost-effective environment

autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse

70% reduced manual labour

3x more picking capacity

60% savings on energy costs

99% SKU picking accuracy

Key Features & Benefits of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Improve Worker Safety

AMR software means they’re highly adaptable to environmental changes, using their navigational technology to detect hazards and calculate alternative routes. Ultimately limiting potential accidents and collisions within a warehouse. With several different models of AMRs, there is an autonomous robot to match any and every operational skill set. Meaning tasks that may harm humans or put others at risk can be confidently passed to a machine.

Reduce Labour Costs

EveWith a rapid deployment of two months, AMRs can be installed quickly to support peak periods. Their speed and accuracy mean you can reduce shift patterns, sometimes reducing your labour force by up to 75%. Choosing Robotic as a Service (RaaS) removes uncertainties and offers companies the flexibility and benefits of sorting solutions, including training, installation, maintenance, and pay-as-you-go options.

Short & Long-term ROI

Introducing AMRs into your workforce allows human colleagues to focus on other essential activities. ARMs can seamlessly work in the background to maintain operations and minimise downtime, picking up to 400k items per day. With sturdy construction and quick charging times, your business can run for longer periods, and as demand increases, you can maintain efficiency by introducing more AMRs.

Operational Flexibility

AMRs are data-driven, storing essential information which enables them to adapt to locational or operational changes. Industry-leading technology, such as navigational mapping, object recognition and high-end sensors, means they can work within any environment or industry to complete functional tasks accurately. Optimising multi-zone picking to work smarter and more efficiently.

Futureproof Your Warehouse Operations


Invest in a safer and more productive warehouse with Autonomous Mobile Robots. Working alongside your workforce, they offer reliability for repetitive tasks or intricate order fulfilments. You no longer need to assign them to one spot or task, as they’ve developed into versatile automated machines which can adapt to various jobs and environments. 

At Nene Warehouse Solutions, we’ll work with you to source the right autonomous mobile robot to match and enhance your warehouse operations. Working with the latest industry-leading technology and data, we can help you create a high-performing warehouse whilst sourcing sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

small AMRs in a warehouse

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