Wire Mesh Decking

Nene Storage offers High Quality Galvanised & Powder Coated Wire Mesh Decking.

Wire Mesh Decking

Our wire mesh decking comes in a superior finish. Heavy gauge wire is welded first & then electro-galvanised or powder coated for maximum durability & rust free life.

Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking

With its increased versatility, Nene Storage Wire Mesh Decking is ideal for cartons, irregular loads or individual components.

One of the benefits of Wire Mesh Decking is that it is easy to install – simply dropping into place with no fixings required.

Nene Storage can offer wire mesh decking to suit Box or Step beams of any thickness.

Our wire mesh decking is also available in a variety of depths and widths to suit all types of racking.

Wire Mesh decking is not only versatile, it is also a fire safety choice. All of our wire mesh decking is fire retardant & maintains the integrity of overhead sprinkler coverage.

Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Wire Mesh Decking' products for racking in the UK and Europe.
Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Wire Mesh Decking' products for racking in the UK and Europe.

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Other Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking

  • Reduction of insurance premium where no sprinkler systems are installed
  • Durable in all environments
  • Up to 1500kg uniformly distributed load per panel
  • Ideal for storage above pedestrian aisles or high bay pallet rack systems

Standard & Custom Sizes Available

Not only are standard sizes to suit most common beam lengths available from stock ex-Daventry, we are also able to offer custom sizes available to order.

Nene’s Manufacturing Facility

Nene has its own manufacturing facility in China, producing high quality wire mesh decks for racking, that in many applications offers an advantage over conventional timber decking.

If you want to know how many decks you need for your current beam length & frame depth or want to find out more, call now on 01327 300456.

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