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Wire Mesh Decks

Vast range of high-strength galvanised and powder-coated steel wire mesh decking, suitable for storing palletised or single unit goods

What are wire mesh decks?

Wire mesh decks are alternative to the traditional wood decking for pallet racking, they have additional benefits such as safety regulations, fire safety protection and hygiene. Pallet mesh decking is a simple, quick, and easy option. Made from steel, wire welded first, added support bars, they come in either galvanised or powder-coated format for rust-free, long-life durability.

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wire mesh deck shelving in a warehouse

What are wire mesh decks used for?

Mesh decking for pallet racking and shelving is used as another layer, preventing stock from falling past your racking system and causing injury or damage to your stock. The design of the mesh decks prevents the build-up of dust on your products, it also allows your sprinkler system to work efficiently through them in the event of a fire.

Wire mesh decks can store various materials such as pallets, boxes and lose stock. Improvement to picking and moving stock as light passes through them giving warehouse workers clear sight. Light efficiencies are increased throughout the warehouse as light travels through the layers.

Benefits of using Nene’s wire mesh decking


We have our own manufacturing facility, where product management and quality control are continuously monitored to provide the highest standard of mesh decks in the marketplace.


Mesh decks are an easy and popular addition to pallet racking. They provide strength, safety and versatile options on the type of materials stored on pallet racking. No tools are required, they can be easily just dropped into place on top of the racking beams.


The best in market solution for storing irregular loads or components on racking. Options to suit either box or step beams no matter the thickness. We can produce a variety of depths and widths to fit the racking, with up to 1,500kg UDL per panel. Custom sizes are available.


Made from steel, these welded mesh decks are galvanised, or powder-coated, giving them superior durability over the traditional plywood option, meeting all the safety and fire codes requirements.


Significant decrease in the amount of dust accumulation, with spillage being easily managed as opposed to the plywood decking.


Warehouse safety is a priority to any business, wire mesh decking meets all requirements for safety and fire regulations. Nene’s mesh decks are ANSI-accredited. All this reduces your insurance premiums when no sprinkler system is installed.


Nene manage a rolling stock of over 40,000 mesh decks across the UK and Europe, so you can be sure of quick delivery times of standard pallet racking industry sizes.

Popular types of wire mesh decking available at Nene

For full range or bespoke mesh decking, please contact us, or request a quote.


Standard Waterfall Mesh Deck

Standard Waterfall Mesh Decks

Step Beam Mesh Deck

Step Beam Mesh Decks

Flat Mesh with Support Channel Waterfall

Flat Mesh with Support Channel Waterfall

Mesh Deck with Upstand

Mesh Deck with Upstand

Wire mesh deck with built in upstand

Mesh Deck Built In Upstand Centrally

Mesh Deck with Inverted Channels

Mesh Deck with Inverted Channels

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Wire mesh deck shelving
wire mesh deck
Aisles of wire mesh decks
Close up image of a wire mesh deck
Wire mesh decking without products on in a warehouse
View of wire mesh decking from underneath the shelf

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