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Miniload Single Store Shelving

An intelligent shelving system used to optimise the storage and retrieval of small goods.
Miniload single store shelving systems are used to store and retrieve small goods, with loads varying from 5 to 300 kg per unit or carton. Goods are handled by automatic AS/RS-cranes which are guided at both top and bottom. The cranes retrieve the goods from their location and transport them to their picking location, or deliver them onto the picking conveyor.

Key Features

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Optimum use of space and height
  • Adaptable to the good being stored
  • Highly durable
Miniload single store storage system
miniload AR/RS system for single store
Miniload shelving unit
miniload shelving frame in a warehouse
Miniload single store shelving system

Is Miniload Single Store Shelving Right For Me?

Miniload single store shelving systems are a solution best suited to businesses needing to store light and small unit loads, with a high stock turnover. Miniload single store is a high-density system due to the reduction of aisles and maximised floor and vertical space.
In the right setting, the system can offer high performance and reduced handling times.

Choosing the appropriate warehouse shelving is essential, with the type of goods stored, and their weight and height determining which solution is right for your business.

With over 45 years of industry expertise, Nene can advise you in finding the perfect solution for your business. From lightweight, economic shelving through to more heavy duty shelving options, we can provide the shelving system to suit your business, no matter how diverse your storage needs are.

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