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Wire Mesh Cages & Security Cages

The simple yet effective warehouse essential to provide security for products and people

What are Wire Mesh Cages?

Protecting high-value items and data is vital yet easy to implement with Mesh Security Cages. Manufactured from galvanised steel or powder-coated for added durability, mesh cages are a modular mix of cage panels and doors fitted with locking systems for stringent security. Using the existing racking infrastructure for support, highly adaptable mesh cages can be reconfigured to suit various sizes and needs in indoor and outdoor facilities.

What are Mesh Cages used for?

The purpose of mesh cages is to provide ultra-secure protection for high-value data and products. From medical to retail, they are adaptable to suit a range of industries:

wire mesh cage in a warehouse for high-value goods

High-Value Stock

Prevent facility theft of cigarettes, alcohol, tech, luxury retail items.

wire mesh cage in a retail stock room

Stock Room Protection

Secures items such as high-end fashion and technology retail through to hazardous substances such as gas, cleaning chemicals and solvents.

wire mesh cage protecting electricals

Data Security

Housing data centres, protecting expensive IT equipment and servers to prevent tampering and interruption.

wire mesh cage protecting important information

Protecting The Office

Safeguarding measure to protect staff and sensitive information.

secure wire mesh cage protecting medication and controlled substances

Medication and Controlled substances

Supplied to hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, pharmacies and health centres.

secure wire mesh cage guardine machines

Machine guarding

Increased safety and visibility of dangerous equipment, protecting people by restricting access.

Supply-chain, facility, and data theft by organised crime groups are on the rise and businesses in the UK lose around £190 million every year due to employee theft. The problem is prevalent and makes finding an effective protection solution ever more fundamental.

Benefits of using Nene’s Mesh Cages


Nene designers and fitters can equip mesh cages with a range of different locks, making them suitable for specific needs and the level of protection required. Our range includes traditional padlock bracket systems, handled cylinder locks, pin-coded high-security Digi locks and high-tech electric key fob systems to protect your valuables.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Nene mesh cages are manufactured from high-grade industrial steel and available in coloured powder coating. We can colour match products to reflect company branding – ideal for visible stock rooms in retail – and warehouse segregation, safety and organisation.


Wire mesh cages are modular by design and double-hinged, allowing for multiple configurations to protect anything from medication to huge data servers and machinery, covering any square footage you require. Fully customisable, they are a genuinely bespoke option for customers in warehouse layout design and security.

Easy picking

Thanks to their modular and customisable design, Nene designers can build the most effective workflow for your business right from project inception. By factoring this in at the early stages, we can ensure an easy pick for warehouse staff and construct it at the time of installation. Doing this protects the products, data, and people without affecting productivity and pick times.

Visibility and ventilation

Easily manage stock quantities and rotation with mesh cages. Counting can be done easily without having to disrupt shelving to see what is in place. You can also minimise theft and damage to caged items and monitor who is going in and out of the cages easily with cameras and lock codes.
If you are housing large data servers, IT solutions or items that can degenerate from poor ventilation, Nene mesh cages are a perfect storage solution to keep airflow moving, cool down equipment and preserve stock while awaiting distribution.


The cost of Nene wire mesh cages is minimal – especially when you consider the cost of shrinkage and theft to shops and warehouses in the UK alone is in the billions. Not all security solutions need to be expensive and highly technical to be effective and our wire mesh cages are an excellent example of high-quality essential equipment for your facility.

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