Racking Maintenance

At Nene, our in-house service team supports our clients on a daily basis. We always have teams and stock available, giving us the ability to act quickly on any racking or warehousing issues that may arise.

We use our extensive industry-specific knowledge to find the right product replacement to then install new racking or replace damaged racking.

With over 40 years’ experience of providing market-leading warehouse and racking support to our clients, minimising your warehouse downtime is our speciality.

Notification of damage

Within 24 hours of the damage being reported to us, we can have an engineer on site to assess and take necessary actions to ensure the site is back to being a safe working environment.

An initial warehouse damage report may be required to identity the risk involved on case by case basis. This report can include the components damaged, the location within the warehouse and the severity of the damaged cause. In the first instance of any damage being reported, our support team are on hand to help you find a resolution as quickly as possible and to give you the correct safety advice.

What next?

Following the report of damage, our support team can organise for a ‘Make Safe’ within 24 hours to ensure safety on site is restored. Offloading the damaged areas of stock is very important in this process.

In the meantime, our distribution centre can organise for the replacement parts to be sent to site for our vast range of stock to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

Nene offer environmental options such as disposal of damaged components and recycling options such as the re-use of refurbished components.

SEMA damage codes & repair call-outs

In cases where damage is potentially a higher risk rather than replacement racking, an onsite risk inspection maybe required. Nene offers a racking call-out service throughout the UK, carried out by qualified SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors. Damage is recorded using a simple traffic light colour coding system. This helps identify warehouse damage levels allowing your team to prioritise the risk and the need for immediate action.

Ongoing racking maintenance

At Nene, we like to provide our clients with full peace of mind when it comes to racking maintenance. Our Rack asset management plan enables us to do this, along with providing shorter lead times. Please get in contact to find out more.

All of Nene’s installation crews have SEIRS qualifications. Furthermore, we can offer:

warehouse asset management

An asset management service

Full UK installation and repair coverage

Dedicated Customer Helpline

Dedicated Customer Helpline

warehouse optimisation

Warehouse optimisation and design service

And much more!

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Whatever the needs of your business may be, our experts are on hand to help with all warehouse requirements making us a true one-stop-shop for all your warehouse storage needs.