Builders' Merchants

Nene have fitted out over 100 builders' merchant branches a year for the last five years.

Builders’ Merchants

To say this is an area we have extensive knowledge of would be an understatement.

We have tailored solutions for the large array of materials stocked and supplied out of your business.

Invariably with such a dynamic business, we can offer Adjustable Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, A-Frame Racking, Pigeon Hole Racking, Long Span Shelving, Shop Floor Shelving and much, much more.

Every solution we design will give maximum storage capabilities along with eye-catching appeal, as you’ll see from the array of images below.

Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Rack Deflektor' products for racking in the UK and Europe.

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At Nene Storage Equipment we offer a wide range of products, accessories and services.

Our friendly team of advisors are on hand to help you with any questions you might have about your requirements.

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