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Multi-Tier Shelving

Intelligent shelving systems on split level floors.
The Multi-tier shelving system is a solution based on the long span shelving system but built over several levels. The ideal solution where space is limited, this system provides excellent maximisation of height by creating different floor levels usually accessed by stairways.

Nene can provide intelligent multi-tier shelving systems for warehouses that need to take advantage of available vertical space. Systems can be equipped with flooring and stairs to create multi-tiered racking applications that are easy for staff to navigate and pick from.

Key Features

  • Optimum use of space and height
  • Highly adaptable to the goods being stored
  • Options to add a variety of mechanical means
multi-tier shelving system with stairs
top floor of a multi-tier shelving system in a warehouse
the base of a multi-tier shelving system
multi-tier shelving warehouse storage system
multi-tier shelving system

Is Multi-Tier Shelving Right For Me?

Multi-tier shelving systems are designed for warehouses with limited floor space but available height. These manual storage solutions help to fully maximise warehouse space, offering optimum use of height with the addition of different levels of loading aisles, accessible by stairs.

Choosing the right shelving system is essential, with the type of goods stored, and their weight and height determining which solution is right for your business.

With over 45 years of industry expertise, Nene can advise you in finding the perfect solution for your business. We help our clients by custom designing their shelving systems to suit their needs, making maximum use of space available, whilst guaranteeing that materials we supply are always of the highest quality.

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