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Integrated Workspace Mezzanine Floors

Converting empty space into functional rooms.
Installing an integrated mezzanine floor into the unused space above your head is a practical and cost-effective solution to create multiple rooms from nothing.

Specifically designed to fit around your current layout, mezzanine floors provide another level to your premises to maximise your blueprint. Our team can build up and out with the available room, filling ceiling space with functional workspaces.

Integrated Workspace Mezzanine Floor Benefits

Not only does a mezzanine floor installation provide you with additional floor space, but it’s also adaptable into versatile workspaces, delivering advantages such as:

Create Purposeful Spaces

Our mezzanine floor designers can position partitions, shelving and racking to divide your new floor into multiple areas. Adding another dimension to your existing framework and creating integrated workspaces for different departments.

Avoid Relocating

Retaining stock, staff and services under one roof helps businesses work efficiently. By transforming the space above your head into a functioning asset, you create essential extra rooms without the high fees of moving to a bigger location.

Add Value To Your Business

Installing mezzanine floors with integrated workspaces instantly doubles your premises’ available footprint. Expanding the size of your building and offering useful facilities to visitors, investors or potential buyers when you come to sell.

Bespoke Integrated Workspace Mezzanine Flooring

Depending on why you’re looking for additional warehouse or office space, our talented team can create any size, shape or type of mezzanine floor to meet your workspace needs. We consider your current restrictions and provide a bespoke solution complete with safety measures and suitable access.

Different Uses For Integrated Workspace Mezzanine Floors

Our expert mezzanine installers are qualified to install any features and fittings required to accommodate the purpose of your workspaces. Meaning your mezzanine floor can cater for:
upright posts

Breakout Rooms

With shorter breaks, it’s convenient to have dedicated spaces closer to the office, shop or warehouse floor. This reduces wasted time moving between areas and provides a room where colleagues can collaborate or relax.

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Canteen and Kitchen Areas

An integrated workspace flooring solution allows you to mix up the functionality of each room along one floor. For example, you can include a canteen or kitchen area which is located nearby to offices or meeting rooms.

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Office and Meeting Rooms

Whether you have numerous departments that need their own space and equipment, or you require a private area for meetings or interviews, integrated floors include partitions which shape as many individual rooms as you require.

office receptionist walking down mezzanine floor

Reception Areas

We’ll design the layout of your mezzanine floor so clients and visitors are navigated to a welcoming reception area before seeing any further rooms. This provides a comfortable spot for them to wait and an additional area to promote your brand.

retail store showroom


For industries such as retail or e-Commerce which may be showcasing new product ranges, integrated workspaces facilitate different setups depending on the product. With each room fitted with the accessories and technology needed.

lockers in a warehouse

Locker Rooms and Changing Facilities

Staff facilities are unnegotiable but can take up valuable floor space for storage or machinery. An integrated mezzanine floor lets you move gender-allocated toilets and changing rooms into a dedicated and convenient area.

integrated warehouse mezzanines

Integrated Workspace Mezzanine Flooring Regulations

Integrated mezzanine floors have different requirements depending on their purpose. Each type of flooring has a range of regulations to meet, with some requiring planning permission. But all are subject to Building Regulations and are covered by the Raise Storage Areas section of UK Building Regulations 2010.

Find out more about Mezzanine Flooring Regulations.

Mezzanine Floor Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance

Our experienced project managers oversee all projects, no matter the size or complexity. Our mezzanine floor process involves 6 simple steps:

1. Site Survey – We’ll visit your site to assess the available space and logistics and understand the desired purpose of your floor based on your operations.

2. Review Regulations – Our team will ensure your new mezzanine is compliant, including fire, health and safety and building control, as well as assist with relevant surveys or applications.

3. Our Recommendation – We’ll help you decide on the specification of your mezzanine floor and ensure it is best suited to you based on your requirements, room and restrictions.

4. Design and Mapping – Our in-house designers will create 3D CAD drawings to provide an accurate floor plan. Amendments can be made at this stage.

5. Manufacture and Installation – Tailored to your requirements, your structure will be expertly built and installed with minimal disruption by our highly experienced installation team.

6. Aftercare – Our Contract Services Division is dedicated to providing the best aftercare for our clients. We’ll support your ongoing requirements, from maintenance to inspections.

Nene Warehouse Solutions projects team

Our Mezzanine Floor Solutions

Here at Nene Warehouse Solutions, we’ve delivered a diverse portfolio of comprehensive solutions. Using our skills to manage every detail of a mezzanine installation, including safety and practical elements such as:
  • Staircases
  • Pallet gates
  • Handrails
  • Partitions
  • Packing benches
  • Conveyors
  • Furniture
  • Ceilings
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Lighting, Power & Data
  • Plumbing

From Consultation to Installation and Maintenance

From initial consultation through to installation and ongoing maintenance, our SEMA-accredited engineers make sure safety and compliance are always kept in the front of our minds.

Highly qualified and experienced experts in design, supply, and installation, Nene are committed to helping you achieve your business objectives to the highest standards.

SEMA Approved Installation Company and Inspector

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