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The Benefits Of Mezzanine Floors for Warehouses

Mezzanine floors are suspended floors you can erect in your warehouse to create additional levels.

Warehouse managers use them to take advantage of unused vertical volume, adding square footage without extending the footprint of their building outwards. They are a cheaper alternative to a full construction project, very reliable and highly effective.

Mezzanine Floors Maximise Space

Many warehouse managers believe that they’re using all the space available to them, but frequently it can be further optimised. Often there’s a gap between the top of their inventory and the warehouse ceiling – space which could be used for additional storage.

Building a mezzanine floor over your existing storage space (assuming you’re not using space in the vertical direction) can effectively double the floor space available to you. This extra space could have a substantial impact on your operations, helping to avoid the cost of moving premises and fit more into your existing capacity.

Storage Mezzanines

Storage mezzanines are similar to those we’ve already discussed and provide extra space for stock management and handling.

Workspace Mezzanine Floors

Workspace mezzanine floors place administrative areas directly above the main warehouse, enabling companies to expand their office or workshop/cleanroom capacity without changing location.

Tiered Mezzanines

Tiered mezzanine space is useful for warehouse operation with high density of pick location requirements.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Installation of a mezzanine floor can double to storage capacity within your warehouse, allowing you to save the time, hassle and cost of moving premises whilst increasing your output and therefore turnover.

Relocation Possibilities

All of Nene’s mezzanine floors are reusable (unless customer requirements mean otherwise) meaning that should you ever need to move premises, there is the option to take your mezzanine floor with you or move it within your existing operation.

Mezzanine Floor Installation FAQS

Can I keep adding to the mezzanine floor in my warehouse?

Most mezzanine floor systems are modular meaning you can add to them when it is required. Before doing so, it’s advised to speak to an engineer to ensure that the mezzanine is fit for purpose and not under unnecessary strain.

Do I need to get planning permission for a mezzanine floor?

Businesses rarely need planning permission for mezzanine floors. However, you may have to make changes to your design to ensure that you comply with current building regulations.

Typically, if there are no fire safety issues, you do not need planning. However, you may require planning permission if you want to build an office mezzanine.

At Nene, we can assist you with warehouse design, inspection services, racking awareness training and the supply of any racking storage.