Asset Management

Get complete peace of mind for your racking with Asset Management.

Asset Management

Aims of the Management Package

Nene offers a seamless contract with minimum hassle and administration for its customer that offers maximum levels of service and support in this important sector of our customer’s business.

  • To ensure our customers have racking that is well-maintained, safe and fit for purpose.
  • To document inspections, types of racking (manufacture) and specification for all sites supported by schematic site layouts.
  • To offer a programmed racking Inspection service by trained Inspectors (SEMA /SARI).
  • To offer a racking repair and rectification solution against any damage found or reported.
  • To Give a “Fire Engine” Service in event of serious accident/damage to the racking.
Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Asset Management & Contract Maintenance' services in the UK and Europe.
  • To supply all parts required in a quick and effective manner against an agreed cost schedule that can be easily controlled.
  • To make parts, labour and access plant hire costs standard throughout the estate and to take out “cost variance” on this element of the business.
  • To control quality of parts and labour against recognised standards, supplying to every site meaningful H & S site specific paperwork.

In brief: Nene plans to offer a seamless contract with minimum hassle and administration for its customer that offers maximum levels of service and support in this important sector of our customer’s business

Available Elements within a Nene Rack Asset Management Contract

  • Nationwide Inspections to a planned Program with full Report
  • Responsive quotation service for repairs that can be presented with the report
  • Availability of all parts required to effect repairs complete with delivery service
  • Nene can service all racking types (not just APR) and manufacturers
  • Installation services by trained and qualified installers
  • Supply of all Risk and Method statements (Constructional Phase plans) to the site
  • Fast Response to urgent racking damage that needs instant attention
  • Organisation of Installers and Plant required and communication with the site
  • Disposal of surplus / damaged racking equipment from site in an approved manner
  • Recycling Options in event of site closures and requirement to reuse equipment again after inspection and refurbishment to save cost and the environment
  • Reporting systems for all sides with full trace-ability
  • Appointed contract manager for your account

Features and Benefits of a Nene Rack Asset management Contract

  • Contract Manager will retain all site layouts and will know for each site type and specification of racking, saving time and improving efficiencies in event of damage/ accident to racking on site and rectification process
  • Nene would have a complete Asset Register after first year site inspections of all racking within the estate and working with the customer, will ensure that racking is not purchased if available within the estate
  • Nene will manage all inspections to ensure they are not missed
  • The Reports when presented, along with a solution to effect repairs, will be a complete solution
  • Nene will control the quality of inspection and the installation teams on site to ensure that they are working with correct certification
  • Nene will ensure all parts supplied are correct specification components “fit for purpose” – Nene has a huge central UK stock of all parts
  • Nene can support older racking systems no longer produced and as such avoid unnecessary expense in event of damage to these older systems
  • Set schedule costs for all components regardless of racking type and location, with Nene offering a truly Nationwide Service against a very manageable contract in terms of cost control and administration (KPIs can be added if required after the first year).

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