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Ecommerce Warehouses

Providing intelligent solutions to support the online retail and supply-chain industries

Ecommerce is in the top five fastest-growing industries. Consumers have adjusted well to retail life online with everything available, from groceries and takeaways to clothing, sporting goods, and garden machinery.

With UK consumers predicted to spend over £140 billion online in the year ahead, the need to get products out on time and in prime condition has never been more critical.

At Nene, we know that to be effective and stand out in this industry, online businesses and their warehouses need simple, streamlined ordering processes, consistent stock rotation methods, hassle-free returns, and a consistent, high-functioning logistics system to be at its operational best.

eCommerce warehouse storage solutions

Racking & storage systems

Consumers expect items to turn up on time and in perfect condition. To deliver this expectation time and again, eCommerce warehouses need to run at optimum efficiency at all times, picking and packing without mistakes and at the fastest speed possible.

Nene Pallet Racking Aisle View

Racking Systems >

No matter how diverse your storage needs, we can provide the perfect racking and shelving system to suit your eCommerce business. Let our experts take care of it.

Industrial Shelving >

Installing the appropriate industrial shelving is an essential task, with the weight and height of the goods stored determining the right solution for your eCommerce business.

Wire Mesh Products >

We have a vast range of industrial wire mesh products, providing storage solutions for your business. Suitable for racking, shelving and secure storage.

Racking Protection >

We are market leaders in our industry and provide health & safety services to match. We offer a wide range of racking protection products to protect your investment.

Complementary eCommerce storage systems

We offer a range of ranking & shelving systems suitable for fast-moving stock.

Ecommerce Gallery

A complete solution

We offer a wide range of complementary products, accessories and services. Our friendly team of expert advisors is on hand to help with any questions you have about your specific requirements and can visit your site to help you determine your exact requirements.