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An introduction to high-performing automated fulfilment warehouse systems.

Escala Warehouse Robotics

As technology developments and customer demand consistently increase, businesses need to ensure their warehouse facilities can handle the pressure. The latest warehouse robotics technology, such as Escala robots, aids your workforce in streamlining and enhancing picking and packing operations. Escala consists of compact AMRs which carry a Tote Boxes throughout your stock via a simple ramp system. Designed with two-wheel drive, they move in different directions to high or low-picking stations, making them ideal for goods-to-person solution for today’s customers that expect a quick delivery service for their orders.

automated warehouse with escala robots

Zero emissions

No need to transform your site

Reduce manual labour by 30%

Works in 0°C – 40°C environments

Key Features of the Escala Order Fulfilment System

Transport In 3 Dimensions

The mechanics of the escala allow this next-gen robot to seamlessly move forwards, backwards and left to right with its 4-wheel drive and ‘charge on the fly’ technology. The simple ramp-racking setup enables warehouses to maximise floor and ceiling space, starting from 50sqm. While the battery-powered carts quickly move via internal tracks and sensors for accuracy, reducing labour costs and minimal downtime.

Scalable Solutions

Based on a simple, modular ramp system, escala is ideal for small warehouses to optimise their layout and operations. There’s no lift or conveyor requirement, and as your processes expand, you can add more ramps and escala bots to meet demand. The internal ramp tracks allow the escala to swiftly move in 3 different directions until parking in designated workstations – where it can collect over 500 picks with a capacity of 50kg.

Quick and Simple To Implement

With low up-front costs, the escala automated system can adapt to any existing picking and packing setup. Install a standalone ramp system with up to 6 deep storage areas, or attach the escala racking to your existing racking system. Its functional design only takes a few weeks to install with minimal maintenance – saving you time, space, labour and energy costs on the picking and packing processes.

Entry-Level Warehouse Automation Solution

A completely automated goods fulfilment system is the way forward for warehouses of all sizes, especially for e-commerce. Escala robots and ramp racking systems provide a seamless introduction for businesses. Without the need for conveyors or lifts as the escala bots recharge on the go. Its simple, scalable design can evolve with your growing productivity, throughput and capacity whilst providing a great return on investment.

Modernise Your Warehouse with Escala Robotics

Futureproof your warehouse and operations with automated warehouse solutions. Our latest warehouse technology and equipment developments allow you to revolutionise your picking and packing systems. Robots such as escala are making processes more accurate, efficient and profitable for long-term success.

At Nene Warehouse Solutions, we aim to help you deliver high-performing spaces. Our professionals are consistently looking at the next time, cost and energy-saving solution and tailoring innovative ideas to your available space, requirements and industry.


escala warehouse robots

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