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Autonomous Case-Handling Robots

Implementing goods-to-persons solutions with AI movement management.

What Are ACR Robots?

Autonomous Case-Handling Robots (ACRs) are used across multiple industries to provide efficient, intelligent and flexible solutions for goods-to-person operations. They’re designed to enhance your warehouse’s current picking and packing setup with compact, scalable shelving systems. Their AI-driven software and barcode tracking ensure real-time accurate order fulfilment, minimising labour costs and operation downtime whilst increasing ROI.

autonomous case-handling robots in a warehouse

1-2 months flexible deployment

80-400% increased storage density

Up to 70% reduced labour

Increased, data-driven ROI

Key Features & Benefits of Autonomous Case-Handling Robots

Improved Operational Safety

Designed to maximise your warehouse space and requirements, ACRs quickly adapt to their surroundings, detecting potential hazards and removing possible human handling errors. ACR robots are also installed with emergency stop buttons, obstacle avoidance sensors, internal collision safety devices and emergency alarms to increase warehouse safety. 

Operational Warehouse Efficiency

ACRs use a racking and totes system to maximise your retrieval and fulfilment processes. The latest robotics technology ensures accuracy and reliability for your business when picking, sorting and packing orders, whether it’s 1 or 100 platforms, Increasing your operational efficiency by up to 3-4 times as well as speeding up inventory timescales with their inbuilt shelf scanning software.

Reduced Labour Costs & Handling Errors

The right system can retrieve and deliver multi-sized products to allocated areas throughout your warehouse. With multi-layer shelving, up to 8 totes holding up to 50kg can work simultaneously with speed and precision. Reducing your manual picking and packing process, including forklift drivers. Data-driven analytics also limit business downtime and inaccuracies whilst offering continuous improvements and ROI.

Increased Storage Density

The flexibility of ACRs means they can scale up or down to fit any warehouse space. Incorporating multi-layer shelving, lifts and workspaces to match your requirements. They hold a small footprint and narrow aisles, which actually saves you warehouse space and reduces the need for forklifts. Instead, maximise your aerial space up to 30 feet high, managing 8 simultaneous moving totes. Choose between single or double depth and increase your warehouse storage density by 80 – 400%. 

How ACR Robots Can Modernise Your Warehouse Operations

Warehouse automation technology is revolutionising traditional operations across the globe. For industries highly focused on goods-to-person processes, AI robots, such as Autonomous Case-Handling Robots, are becoming an essential part of any workforce. 

Nene Warehouse Solutions provides innovative solutions for companies to maximise business opportunities through their warehouse capabilities – optimising wasted space, installing efficient systems and the latest technology, as well as introducing cost, time and energy-saving solutions.


ACR robots in a warehouse

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