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Long Span Shelving

The perfect solution for storing products too heavy for palletisation
Our versatile, heavy duty long span shelving systems are ideal for storing your heavier products, making them a great fit for automotive products and any hand-picked product.

Quick and easy installation

Be it a simple, low-rise shelving set-up, or a large-scale heavy duty storage facility, our long span solutions are component-based, so quick to install.

A welcome addition

A brand new system or additional shelving incorporated into your existing shelving scheme, our solutions can be as simple or complex as needed, whichever best suits your business needs.

Shelf Partitioning System (SPS)

SPS is a complementary picking solution that works with all Pallet Racking and Shelving Systems. Designed by Nene’s design team, it allows you to quickly and efficiently reduce product migration, increasing pick time and, more importantly, accuracy. With our SPS solution, you can be sure your picking process is running at its full potential.

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Product demonstration

We provide product demonstrations at our UK showroom, allowing you to trial and test our solutions, assessing first-hand the different options available.