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How To Choose The Best Warehouse Shelving System

Whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading your existing system, there are a lot of decisions to make before you think about bringing stock in.

What are you planning to store, pick and pack?
Do you need cold storage?
Are your items perishable?

The different types of shelving systems

Perhaps you have a vast array of items to store, or they’re highly niched. Whatever your business, you need to define the needs and choose the best warehouse shelving options to suit both stock and workflow. These decisions are best worked out with professionals like Nene, who can factor in the installations and draw on experience to help you decide what will work best for you.

Understanding your shelving requirements…

Nene can help

Through decades of experience, research and development servicing various industries and sectors, we can help clients realise the exact solution for their storage needs. We begin the process with a consultation and get into detail about how the warehouse will work, the stock you will store, and the strategies that will make your facility as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Our designers create bespoke shelving systems to suit any operation, maximising the space available and guaranteeing that the materials we supply are always of the highest quality. From here, we can supplement your systems with additional accessories and safety products, allowing us to create the right solution for any environment.

Nene warehouse design and reconfiguration service

Planning your shelving system

While we’ve touched on some of the initial questions you need to think about, the fundamental things to consider are:

What type of stock are you storing?
Think about weight, size, variations, and rotation needs.

Is space available?
Are you limited on floor space? Any open vertical space to take advantage of? Do you have room for multi-tiered installations or a mezzanine?

How will your staff traffic flow?
Think about how your team will use and navigate the chosen system and the surrounding space for both safety and productivity measures. Consider also staff disruption and productivity downtime during installation if you are currently active.

Nene warehouse design planning and optimisation
Nene will give you expert advice to help answer these questions and more. We also understand how critical minimal downtime is and can implement the trickiest of installations while keeping any recess and disruption to a minimum.


Poor installation with minimal maintenance and inspection is at the very least not insured and unnecessarily reckless. At Nene, we ensure the highest quality equipment and service because of the difference it makes in the matter of health and safety. After all, your operatives are your greatest asset, and their health and wellbeing is as much our priority as it is yours.

So as a SEMA-Approved Installation Company, we use only SEMA qualified and accredited installers, inspectors, and measures to ensure we meet industry targets and that your systems adhere to all regulations as a minimum standard. From the initial consultation to installation and ongoing maintenance, our SEMA accredited designers, suppliers, and engineers ensure safety and compliance are always a priority.

warehouse walkway

Safety Products

When it comes to health and safety for our bespoke systems, Nene can provide you with a wide range of racking protection and safety products and services that complement your storage solution:

Inspections & maintenance

Once your installation is complete, don’t leave it to look after itself. With the best will in the world, racking will always be subject to wear and tear and accidental damage. Keep catastrophes at bay by keeping on top of your equipment’s health.

We have a comprehensive range of care packages and services that will help keep your kit in excellent condition, which in turn keeps your teams safe, productivity flowing, and crucially, makes you compliant. In addition, our SEMA qualified engineers ensure your installation is up to standard, and with regular racking maintenance, you will sail through your mandatory annual SEMA racking inspection.

There’s a lot to think about…
We understand the importance of getting your shelving systems right, so we advise you to seek professional advice. Work with Nene, and you will benefit from over 20 years of experience and expert industry knowledge. Contact us to learn more about shelving options and any of our other products and services to help you make the right decision.