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Timber Barriers

Once hit or damaged, our Timber Barriers are quick and inexpensive to fix making them the ideal solution to make your money go further.

Protect Your Racking

One of the most common racking repairs are the end braces and uprights, often due to damage at low level due to fork-lift turning. Our Timber barriers offer vital protection for these vulnerable areas.

Minimise Costs

A major benefit of our Timber Barriers is that once they’re hit or damaged, it’s both inexpensive and quick to simply replace the timber inserts.

Various Sizes

We keep an array of sizes in stock, with products available to suit single and double runs of racking.

Racking Protection Brochure

Download our brochure for more information on our industry-leading racking protection products.

Timber Barrier Gallery

A complete solution

We offer a wide range of complementary products, accessories and services. Our friendly team of expert advisors is on hand to help with any questions you have about your specific requirements and can visit your site to help you determine your exact requirements.