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Why You Need Racking Inspection Training

Approved racking inspections are business and life-saving. With research finding 693,000 workers reporting injuries at work in 2019/20, and costs of £16.2bn (18/19) (Source: HSE), specific safety measures are essential for companies to keep injuries (or worse) at bay.

In our industry, SEMA Racking Inspections are recommended to be able to do this.

What is a racking inspection?

SEMA qualified inspectors conduct a comprehensive assessment of warehouse racking systems and the surrounding environment. They use their findings to grade them on a traffic light system to report damage and make safety recommendations. The inspection is carried out annually as a minimum and guided by HSE legislation and SEMA.

What is racking inspection training?

Inspections and safety reviews must be more than an annual assessment for the safety of staff and the efficiency of your warehouse. Nene racking inspection training educates workers using the racking systems to identify damage and ways to rectify challenges before they become severe issues in line with the official inspection process.

Who can take a racking inspection course?

Nene’s course is ideal for operatives working on the warehouse floor and office staff alike, whether as a refresher course or for new employees.

  • Warehouse operatives
  • Internal racking inspectors
  • Person responsible for racking safety (PRRS)
  • Site operations
  • Health & Safety management
  • Anybody with a role that includes warehousing and storage

Book A Racking Inspection Training Session

Running for half a working day and catering for up to ten people at a time, disruption to productivity is minimal for a strong ROI in safety, knowledge sharing and future-proofing your warehouse.

What is included in the racking inspection training?

Throughout the course, trainees will discuss topics and learn fundamental practical elements of the inspection process to equip them with the knowledge they need to make assessments themselves, covering:
  • Health and Safety codes of practice for racking inspections
  • Racking lifespan
  • New and existing SEMA regulations
  • Visual assessment skills
  • Racking health and safety terminology
  • Key components of the storage system and how to identify them
  • Damage prevention
  • Damage and hazard recognition and reporting
  • Signage, particularly load signs and their importance
  • Technical information on deflection limits, damage limitations
  • And much more…

How your company can benefit from inspection training

Put simply, the safety of your employees is priority number one, especially when it comes to equipment and workplace hazards that can so easily be avoided with training and maintenance.

Damage to pallet racking can be costly to repair and when left undetected, it can cause the racking to deteriorate further. Not only is this very dangerous, the stock housed on the racking is likely to suffer as a result too – falling from shelves, pallets slipping and worse case scenario, a full racking collapse. All of which businesses can prevent by carrying out thorough, regulatory checks and inspections.

From a human perspective, a high-quality, safe work environment breeds a happy workforce which leads to better productivity. Invest in your teams and equipment and the ROI will present itself time and time again in future-proofing your warehouse.

If something were to happen, your insurance will be much more favourable to you if you have carried out the necessary procedures to ensure safety on site.

The cost of racking inspection training

The training is a minor investment for major return. With benefits far outweighing the cost, and the safety net it provides in spotting damage before a major incident occurs or repair required speaks for itself. If you regularly have a PRRS inspecting your racking, the peace of mind you gain and time saved not having to halt production for major repairs to your racking is priceless.

At Nene, we deliver our racking inspection training with SEMA qualified inspectors, who present rigorous instruction to ensure all participants leave the course confident and prepared with a duty of care over their equipment and each other.

Find out more or book direct through Nene for our next racking inspection course here.