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What Racking Is Best For A Distribution Centre?

Many larger enterprises including import and export companies, logistical companies and retailers have a need for ‘distribution warehouses’ also known as distribution centres.

These operational storage buildings are an essential part in the order fulfilment process, where this facility is usually smaller than a company’s main warehouse. Often it is used to receive, store and re-distribute goods based on the flow of customer orders and can also be based on its geographical location to better distribute goods.

A standard warehouse is usually used to store goods for longer periods of time, while distribution centres concentrate on faster turnover, or throughput, of goods.

What Racking is Best for Distribution Centre Storage Solutions?

There are many types of racking systems used in a distribution warehouse where often the choice of racking is based on the goods being sold and the frequency of their fulfilment.

Facility Managers need to develop distribution warehouses with a maximised operational focus, often in a flexible way to accommodate new product lines of all different shapes, sizes and weights.

At Nene, we specialise in the design, optimisation and install of distribution warehouses and racking systems. When it comes to the type of racking used, it often comes down to 6 popular storage choices, but this is hugely dependant on the type of goods stored and fulfilled.

Standard Pallet Racking

This solution provides easy access to stored items and uses wide aisles for easy picking and fork lift access.

Drive-in Racking

This requires access from only one aisle, operating on a first in and first out basis.

Narrow Aisle Racking

This solution minimises aisle size, allowing for high-density storage, making the most out of the available square meterage of your warehouse but requires a specific VNA fork lift truck.

Mobile Racking

This type of racking can be moved in sections for ease of access. It is a very high-density storage solution.

Shuttle Racking

Shuttle Racking

This racking carries goods on remote controlled or automated shuttles.

Cantilever Racking

When long lengths of material require storage, e.g. pipes, the best method is with cantilever racking.

If you are unsure on what racking system would work best for your warehouse distribution centre, Nene’s team can give you the right information with the option of supplying and installing the correct system. Contact us for more information and free advice on the most practical solution.