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Cantilever Racking – The Uses And Benefits


Ideal for materials or store items that aren’t suited to standard pallet racking, cantilever racking is a versatile, highly flexible option for non-traditional racking. Made from weather-resistant galvanised steel, the racking design centres on a column carrying a set of cantilever arms designed to suit the purpose of the racking – storing timber lengths, for example. You can choose to bolt arms into a fixed position or have them adjustable so you can change the function as and when you need to.

What is cantilever racking used for?

Typically, cantilever racking is used outside, but you can find it in use in some indoor settings, either for materials or outsized goods storage and distribution centres.

It’s durable and robust, meaning it can handle the elements of the weather and consistent use with heavy loads, with armload weights ranging from 500kg to 2,000kg to accommodate the large, often cumbersome goods they are holding. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage different needs of warehouses, such as;

Outsized items

Piping, tubing, and outsized items, in general, are not exclusive to the building trade – far from it. With everything from creative industries to sports, where there are outsized products to store and warehouses to supply to them, cantilever racking can prove very handy indeed.

Just some of the long product loads the design can store across a broad and diverse set of market sectors include;

  • Tubing
  • Timber Lengths
  • Steel Lengths
  • Worktops
  • Panel Products
  • PVCu Profiles)
  • Even wholesale skis and snowboards!

Storing building materials

Whether wholesale or local DIY stores, you will most likely have seen cantilever in action as a building materials racking solution. The design provides an excellent solution for building merchants and large stores to hold a variety of different outsize products.

Its adaptability allows you to add shelving units and change the configuration of the cantilever arms as you need to, providing storage for poles, beams, timber, lumber, drywall and much more.

cantilever racking storing building materials

Storing metal

Storing metal can be tricky and hazardous, especially where sharp-edged sheet metal is concerned. Rusty, poorly maintained, and limp racking will do nothing favourable for metal products in storage.

Instead, cantilever racking from Nene with its previously mentioned galvanised steel ensures excellent weather resistance and longevity. Furthermore, with uninterrupted storage capacity thanks to no intermittent or end uprights, you can not only maximise your storage options but also, with the addition of a consistent racking maintenance programme, keep products in excellent condition – meaning no rusting, creasing or denting from poorly constructed racking.

So whether it’s aluminium sheets, steel pipes or wrought iron railings, cantilever racks provide sturdy industrial storage space that is fit for purpose.

cantilever racking for storing metal items

Outside storage

Did we mention cantilever is manufactured from galvanised steel?

It seems like labouring the point, but it makes a huge difference, protecting the racking from rust and deterioration. This not only protects your products, but your people too, with deterioration and poor maintenance critical issues to be aware of and address with any racking. With incidents and injury so often caused by these two things, galvanised steel, robustness, and durability all of a sudden become a much hotter topic than just a nice USP to have.

weather resistant galvanised cantilever racking

The benefits of cantilever racking

Easily adjustable

Cantilever racking can essentially be tailored to fit the need. With the arms set to fixed or adjustable and the length and depth of the storage at your creative disposal, you can store a whole host of different products and items. If you have seasonal changes in your products or perhaps experience growth and need greater flexibility for new products lines, then cantilever can work with you when you want it to.

Accessible with forklift trucks

A conventional forklift truck is all you need for standard cantilever racking to pick your out-sized items. Fix a retaining pin to each arm of the cantilever racking to prevent products from rolling forward off the front of the arms, and you have a simple, safe, and super-efficient racking system that provides easy store and pick.

Highly versatile

While it may seem simple, cantilever is highly versatile. For example, for warehouse walls, single-sided cantilever racking can be used and take full advantage of the sturdy wall space, further supplemented by double-sided racking in the aisle spaces or as a room divider.

Need shelving too? Just speak to our designers, and we can configure that for you, with options such as the plug-in system that can support shelving units that can individually extend.

We have talked about the racking uses in and outside already, but there are further advantages to be had with side or roof cladding. Ideal for providing extra space and protection, without having to build or find entirely new premises for a temporary need.

And size isn’t everything, so if your products are still outsized but smaller, there are cantilever racking options that take castor fittings for mobile shelving capabilities.

Flexible to your storage needs

It’s not just for pipes and timber – you can modify cantilever racking to suit your needs. For example, you might have a lot of pipes to store but need a section to support some shelving or panels or provide a small-parts section that is directly relevant to the more oversized items next to it.

Equally, cantilever racks are ideal for horizontal storage as it is unobstructed vertically since there are no decks on the racks. And cantilevers are perfect for storing at height, keeping goods away from the floor with anchoring systems, which frees up space for picking and other kinds of storage and keeps products further protected from damage. Ultimately cantilever gives you the freedom to design your storage to work with you, now and in the future.

Let Nene supply your cantilever racking project

Quality cantilever racking will provide you with a safe, compliant product, and people protecting solution to storing a vast range of items, no matter the sector you serve.

With over 45 years in the industry, Nene is a leader in warehouse racking solutions, and we have best-in-market cantilever options for our clients. So whether you are looking to replace existing racking or want to discuss a warehouse turnkey project, maintenance and more, we are happy to help.


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