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The Importance of Warehouse Efficiency


In a competitive industry, an efficient warehouse is essential to support the smooth running of any business concerned with logistics.

Choosing the correct racking system for your business can improve time management, cost effectiveness and most importantly customer satisfaction. Not only is it important to have the correct storage system, it’s crutial to ensure that the layout is faultless and allows your operation to run at maximum capacity. Adjustable Pallet, Vertical Storage, Long Span and Cantilever systems are available in addition to customised systems to enable businesses to obtain maximum warehouse efficiency.

Warehouse Design and Layout

Warehouse Design and Layout

Products don’t come in regular sized packaging, so an efficient warehouse will use its available space to the best advantage, thus enabling safe storage for goods of different sizes and weights. An efficient floor plan, designated routes and appropriate racking are additional factors which enhance warehouse efficiency. A good warehouse design will provide staff with access to goods safely and quickly, and by doing so, it will help to improve time management and cost effectiveness.  Customers often require their orders quickly; by being able to process goods efficiently and reduce turn around time will further enhance customer satisfaction.       

Warehouse stock Management

Stock Management

Having a system that enables clear visibility of stock levels versus outgoing orders ensures that optimum quantities of stock are readily available to meet the demands of customers.  It prevents wastage; overstocking and enables clear data regarding stock flow; all of which contribute to improving cost effectiveness, time management and customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Under current Health and Safety regulations, inspections of storage and racking systems are a legal requirement. In addition to supplying storage solutions to suit your business needs, Nene Warehouse Solutions offer fully qualified SEMA approved racking inspections.  A recommended annual inspection will ensure the continuing efficiency of your warehouse.

Warehouse Worker Training


Ensuring that warehouse managers are fully trained and understand the key factors for an efficient warehouse operation is essential. Ongoing training and routine reviews help to resolve any issues that arise with quick action in a professional and efficient manner, helping to avoid warehouse accidents and increase productivity. Informing your team with the latest safety procedures, technology and processes can significantly improve your operational efficiency.

Having an efficient warehouse is good for business. It can save money by being cost effective, save time by making the best use of racking systems and floor space as well as keeping customers satisfied by providing a reliable first-class service.

At Nene, we can assist you with warehouse design, inspection services, racking awareness training and the supply of any racking storage.