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Site Refurbishment for Triple 1, Long Buckby

Nene Group acquired the 130,000 sqft, 10-acre site in September of 2019 and immediately got to work. The site, previously owned and occupied by Andrews Maclaren Ltd, was split up to create six standalone buildings which were fully refurbished and let out in quick succession.

The largest of the six buildings was a 74,000 sqft office & warehouse block riddled with asbestos, a 50+ year old roof and had seen better days. Similarly to the rest of the site, Nene underwent major refurbishment works, requiring the demolition to 30,000 sqft of offices to form a spacious yard area to the warehouse sat behind it.

The warehouse had the asbestos roof and cladding completely removed and replaced with new composite panels, a new electrical installation, a newly finished floor painted to the clients request along with a new block of toilets, offices and a canteen area for their staff were fitted to finish off the project.

The site is now handed over to Triple 1 as they have begun manufacturing.

About Triple 1 Group

Triple 1 is a new startup PPE manufacturer based in the UK. From the facility they will be manufacturing and testing for the UK and European market meaning no more delays in transit and spiralling freight costs; and most importantly of all, no ambiguity for testing and certifications for a safe product.

All of Triple 1’s face masks have been tested by BSI, Centaxbel and 4ward Testing and have been confirmed to provide a minimum BFE of >99%. The test reports have been accepted by The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Washable Face Masks

Three layers of soft fabric with a separate pocket to insert the BFE >99% filters for extra protection. Designed with a nose wire ensures a close fit and helps avoid the common problem of fogging for wearers of spectacles.

Hand Sanitation Products

A range of hand sanitation products manufactured by our partners

Protective Face Masks

(Type I, Type II, Type IIR and KN95 masks). Single-use disposable surgical grade 3 ply face mask, with comfort polyester spandex soft ear loop and metal strip for close nose fitting. BFE test confirmed at >99%. FFP2 and FFP3 masks will be available from April.

Protective Gloves

A range of single-use disposable rubber and nitrile gloves for medical and non-medical use.

UV-C Disinfection Technology

We have signed an exclusive distribution agreement in the UK for a UV-C disinfection machine, which prove decisive in making environments and spaces safer for people in the oncoming future. Globally, UV-C disinfection has already been deployed at care homes, distribution centres, hospitals, warehouses and every terminal in Heathrow Airport in the UK.