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Carton Flow

Carton Flow is a storage method that uses a combination of gravity and steel or plastic rollers to transfer picking items from one end of the aisle to another.
The gravity element allows for immediate fulfilment of space when a case is picked, eliminating the need for pickers to have to reach to the back of the shelving to select items. This combined with the option to create multiple levels of carton flow racks, and product lanes within them, delivers a much more efficient, speedy and productive pick process, with increased pick faces created in smaller areas.

Strips of the rollers can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

The ability to add dividers in allows you to have flexibility when segregate the lanes to suit the items that are being picked.

Carton Flow racking

Benefits of Carton Flow include:

  • Efficient product turnover
  • Reduction in pick time
  • Maximises space available, allowing for increased pick location
Carton Flow works best with light to medium goods such as cans and boxed food items, where picking density is high, and space is limited.

Manufactured from steel, all rollers roll independently, significantly increasing the flexibility and ease of handling for the picker. As well as this, the added need for brake drums or break rollers allows you to maintain control of the pallet speed when moving across the rollers.

On exit, the package is retained by the brake ramps or pallet retainers. There is then the option to add protection at the entrance to the aisle to minimise damage to the roller.

When using Carton Flow systems, it is crucial that the package is of good quality and not damaged as any damage would hinder its movement over the rollers and could cause issues when picking.

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