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Continued Reinvestment in Nene’s HQ

Nene set out a planned warehouse re-development project to maximise operational efficiency, increase the existing warehouse storage facility and achieve compliance with current health and safety regulations.

Nene tasked themselves with a complete refurbishment of the existing warehouse and warehouse extension project at our Head Office at Watford Gap. The project was to refurbish a 100-year-old facility previously used as a service centre for the workers who built the M1 Motorway. The building was extremely dated when it came to appearance and the materials used from the original development, including asbestos cladding.

To achieve this level of effective change, Nene assembled their in-house team to design, supply, install and maintain a fantastic new facility that would help the business reach it’s increasing growth targets.

The implementation and construction process included:

  • Planning Permission guidance
  • A complete site clearance project
  • The safe removal of asbestos
  • The old cladding was replaced
  • A new roof was installed
  • The extension of the sites foundation work and footing was implemented including an external re-concreting project
  • The erection of a new steel framework
  • A new concrete slab floor to the internal areas
  • Electrical work including lighting
  • A completely new racking and storage system was installed
Furthermore, a schedule of weekly contractors’ meetings were maintained in order to ensure that all departments were united throughout the development process and so that all issues could be raised and resolved promptly.

Making these improvements has since lead to Nene being able to cope with increasing customer demands and business growth.