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Case Study


The Challenge

Nene Warehouse Solutions were approached by Castore; a premium sportswear brand sponsoring some of the biggest names in sports from the English Premier league, England Cricket team and now Formula 1 racing; after a referral from an existing customer.

Castore had recently leased a site and were looking to move into the building within four weeks. Time was of the essence, and the client needed an extremely quick turnaround on the project.

Before shot of the warehouse with items left over by previous tenant/occupier

The Solution


After initial telephone discussions, NWS were introduced to Castore’s 3rd party logistics provider and arranged a team’s call within 24 hours to discuss the project in more depth. The 3PL provider were extremely impressed with Nene’s professionalism and core business values and asked if they could visit the NWS head office to discuss the project further. The 3PL provider shared the proposed warehouse design with Nene’s Turnkey Solutions team and they quickly began to work on the proposal offering various layout options to help maximise the space.

During the tour of the NWS head office, it became clear that due to the NWS’s £2 million stockholding it would help the client become operational prior to the Christmas peak. After reviewing the required number of pallet locations (approximately 8,000) NWS’s stock holding would allow the client to fulfil 30% of the order. This was significant, as other manufacturers’ lead times were between 12-16 weeks.

After submitting the plans, NWS were given the green light to attend the site and conduct a full, in-depth survey just 10 days after the original enquiry. During the site survey the Nene Turnkey solution specialists raised concerns about the current lighting configuration, low-level fans, and IT cabinets and highlighted how this would impact on the proposed design.

On site, together with the 3PL provider and Castore, Nene proposed changes to the current design and provided solutions to the issues being raised in the survey.

Following the discovery of the additional works required NWS advised that they could offer a full Turnkey solution for this project and cover all CDM site management to help deliver this project on time, safely, removing stress and responding with agility, which are core values of our business model.

In addition to designing and installing a new APR layout, Nene also provided the additional works as listed below:

– Removal of existing lighting and ceiling fans
– Disconnecting existing power trucks, cable trays, and cabling
– Disconnection of existing purge pipework and removal of gas heaters
– Design and installation of Pallite Pix shelving system
– Design and installation of new signage and labelling
– Waste Management Control
– Canteen refurbishment, including supply, delivery, and installation of new white goods, tables & chairs
– Toilet block refurbishment, including plumbing repairs and deep cleaning.
– Fire alarm system repairs
– Electrical survey condition report
– Installation of a new forklift truck charging station
– External fencing and security gate

The Conclusion


The target was to store 8000 bulk pallets and maximise pick locations within the ground-level locations of the pallet racking. The pallet racking was designed to accommodate a reach truck, wide aisle operation with each beam level designed to accommodate 1500Kg UDL.

Due to the apex of the roof in the warehouse, the height was maximised to ensure the maximum density of storage. The picking solution supplied was a cost-effective, versatile “Pallite” system with bespoke pull-out draws which were designed by the Nene Turnkey solutions specialists.

The project was completed successfully and on time which meant that Castore was able to move into their new building within the allotted four weeks. Health & safety was managed to the highest standards on this project with no accidents or near misses reported throughout the 10-week programme.

Nene Warehouse Solutions provided a stress-free and agile approach to the project, which ultimately resulted in a successful outcome for Castore. Contact us today to find out how we can help your next Warehouse project