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Case Study

A-Gas Electronic Materials

The Client

Part of the A-Gas Group, A-Gas Electronic Materials is a distributor, supplying specialist chemicals & processes to Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board, Electronic / Industrial Metal Finishing, Photovoltaic and Advanced Packaging businesses.

A-Gas Electronic Materials Logo.

The Challenge

A-Gas Electronic Materials approached us here at Nene looking for a solution to suit its rather unique needs. At the time, A-Gas had recently started to store hazardous chemicals on site, which needed to be separated from the other chemicals being stored.

One idea put forward by the client was to build an entirely separate storage unit in another part of the warehouse to house the hazardous stock. However, the ideal situation for A-Gas was to make the racking that the stock was situated in completely enclosed in-situ, with materials that would be fire rated for up to half an hour.

Our Solution

We put forward three separate recommendations to the team at A-Gas.

Firstly, the option to install a mesh cage around the existing racking with separate doors to each level. Secondly, the option to install a cage in the corner of the warehouse as a new, totally separate storage area, and thirdly, we suggested installing mesh on the side of each bay of APR and to the top of two bays of racking by the wall, with all mesh covered by certificate Fire-Curtain (60 minute integrity).

The Finished Outcome

The client decided to proceed with option three, meaning that Nene supplied four bays of Stow Pallet Racking (7000×1100mm) complete with three storage levels per bay, with each level equipped with our Wire Mesh Decking. Along with all the relevant fixtures and fittings, we also supplied and installed the roller shutter doors as well as the fire curtain to accompany the mesh cage surrounding each bay. We furnished the business with sufficient bespoke material to support the roller shutter doors and mesh components, all of which were designed by a member of our expert team and manufactured from scratch in our very own facility here in the East Midlands.

Not only did we successfully fulfil the client’s original brief but we did so with a much more cost-effective option, saving the client money while increasing operational efficiency and meeting health and safety requirements.