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Case Study

IKEA Bristol

The Challenge

IKEA Bristol had the requirement to rework their racking layout within their warehouse superstore.

To better optimise the Bristol fulfilment space, Nene were tasked with optimising and remodelling the layout, replacing their racking system without any operational downtime.

Our Solution

Nene’s installation team and project manager worked night shifts, cordoning off sections of the store to strip and rebuild the racking systems. In most evenings, 4 runs of racking could be built to fit the new layout plans. This meant that the store did not have to shut down and where trading continued from the following morning. The project was completed over an 8-week period a complete racking rebuild happened to better optimise the retail space.

The Finished Outcome

Remodelling the store a section at a time was a great success for IKEA. No trading days we’re missed due to the rebuild, keeping every area of the store operational and safe. This maximised IKEA’s profits and has maintained the brilliant retail experience for the years to come.

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