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What Is SEMA And Should I Have SEMA-Approved Racking?

Nene are proud Approved SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) Installation Company,  embodying their high technical standards and regulations of safety, quality and compliance in all the work we carry out.

SEMA’s technical advice, trading information, curated “Codes of Practice” and guidelines developed over decades of experience are acknowledged as the standards of the industry.

Alignment to SEMA values and best practice allows us to offer an added level of confidence and quality standards to our clients.

Why is SEMA important?

The nature of our work leaves it open to less salubrious providers cutting corners. Poor business practice at best, but at worst highly dangerous and puts multiple people at risk when work is not implemented properly or with guidance. SEMA gives providers a central point of communication, industry information, clarity and representation with regulators and authorities as required in storage manufacture.

SEMA Aims and Objectives

  • Benefit the industry through the distribution of technical advice and information on trading opportunities
  • Establish and publish technical standards for all types of storage equipment
  • Encourage cooperation between individual members
  • Represent the Storage Equipment Industry in discussions with UK Government departments and Local Authorities.
  • Ensure that standards adopted by public and professional bodies are in accordance with the interests of the industry
  • Maintain, above all else, the integrity of the Association
SEMA is a Member of the British Materials Handling Federation (BMHF) and actively influences the Federation European De La Manutention (FEM Section X, the European Handling Industries Federation which seeks to establish common policies, particularly technical, amongst national storage equipment associations.

What are the PUWER Regulations?

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 or PUWER are a legal standard that states all work equipment must be regularly assessed by a qualified and certified individual to ensure that it is safe to use, including all machinery and pallet racking.

Pallet racking must be included in a facility risk assessment, not just machinery. Due to the complex nature of racking infrastructure and the risk it poses when degradation or neglect is missed, it is a legal requirement to assess pallet racking at least annually, and ideally bi-annually. An independent SEMA registered inspector will carry this out for warehouses and facilities, using PUWER and will make recommendations for maintenance and in some cases replacement when necessary.

What does SEMA Approved Installation Company mean?

As a SEMA Approved Installation Company (SAIC), Nene is officially qualified and recognised by SEMA to install pallet racking throughout the UK and Europe. As a result, SEMA represents us as a certified company to work within their list of approved suppliers.

All SAIC’s are committed to the Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme (SEIRS) – an initiative that dedicates efforts to continually improving safety standards in the industry. As a result, all members of SEMA and holders of SAIC qualifications must ensure that all of their permanent installers hold valid, in-date SEIRS ID cards.

For more information, view our warehouse racking installations.

What does a SEMA installation look like?

At Nene, we put in extensive groundwork before any installation takes place and believe this should be the blueprint of safe installation.

1. Onsite assessment

Our team of experts visit your site to take a detailed assessment of the area and the work required. They collaborate closely with you to ensure all information is present and correct before moving on to planning.

2. Design and Consultancy Service

We take the onsite assessment information to create a comprehensive warehouse layout. Using technical data, we focus on space optimisation and configuration, and all operational requirements such as mezzanine floors, office plans and routes. Our team takes you through the design and each step of the process, highlighting recommendations and courses of action to discuss before sign off.

3. Commercial Sign Off

On agreement, we provide a full technical quotation for your project work, along with any planning permission information we may require. We work through sign-off periods efficiently to ensure we keep to timeframes and allow for anomalies along the way.

4. Delivery and Install

Our division of highly experienced SEMA qualified installation teams are, we believe, the best in the business. Nene’s project managers, site managers and qualified installers deliver projects within timelines and budgets, and always with health and safety at the core of the process. Your project manager will take you from project inception to completion with professional guidance throughout.

5. After Sales Service

On completion, your project manager will hand over to the Contract Services Division as an added service. They, with their SEMA approved inspection and maintenance teams, will support your ongoing needs, including rack repairs, mobilisation and your minimum SEMA inspections.

What is a SEMA Racking Inspection?

A SEMA racking inspection is a comprehensive, highly detailed assessment and report of all aspects of your storage equipment.

Marked on a traffic light system, our SEMA approved racking inspections look at each racking element and rank according to Red – high risk, Amber – medium risk and Green – low risk.

As per SEMA and HSG76 guidelines, the inspector will work with your appointed Person Responsible for Rack Safety (PRRS) to work through the racking inspection checklist. They will look for impact damage, twisting, missing items, over-loading wear and tear, and any factors that negatively impact the racking safety and functionality. On completion and subsequent reporting, your inspector will share a report with recommendations for repair or replacement.

You are required to have a SEMA inspection annually as a minimum, but we recommend doing this bi-annually alongside regular risk assessment and maintenance checks to keep on top of the welfare of your racking and the employees using it.

For more information, view our racking inspection checklist.

At Nene, we are extremely proud of the work we do for our clients. We know we supply the best equipment and install with safety, quality and integrity as the foundation for everything we do.

So, when you need a racking supply and installation provider, look no further than Nene. More than just peace of mind, together with SEMA we ensure your workforce is safe and your business is as productive as it can be when it comes to pallet racking and storage.