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The Uses and Benefits of Wire Mesh Cages

A simple design, yet essential in most warehouses, are wire mesh cages. Made of galvanised steel or powder-coated for indoor and outdoor use, the durable and time-tested cages are a cost-effective yet secure way to store high-value products.

What Are Wire Mesh Cages Used For?

Wire-mesh cages are hugely versatile and can be used for many different storage requirements.

wire mesh cage in a warehouse for high-value goods

High-Value Stock

Within the warehouse, managers can cordon off sections of racking or shelving to protect high-value items from theft and damage, storing them securely as a critical part of the supply chain process. Items can range from cigarettes and alcohol to tech and retail items on their way to stores.

wire mesh cage in a retail stock room

Stock Room Protection

At their final destination in-store, items such as high-end fashion retail and tech retail, such as laptops and mobiles, are protected in the stock room with mesh cages. Often a dummy product is on display out on the shop floor for security.

wire mesh cage protecting electricals

Data Security

If your operation requires heavy technical and data usage to process orders and run the warehouse, it may be wise to protect the area to ensure no disruptions occur through human error or misdemeanour. Accidental tampering with software can cause your operation to shut down or interrupted. By caging the data centre and limiting access, you reduce this possibility drastically.

wire mesh cage protecting important information

Protecting The Office

Warehouse offices hold all sorts of data, from client to employee, including financial and sensitive information that can cause you a real headache should anything happen to it. Protect yourself and the data by caging the office as a safeguarding measure. The wiring can be coloured through powder coating and work with the aesthetic of the warehouse where required.

secure wire mesh cage protecting medication and controlled substances

Medication and Controlled substances

Either on-site at a hospital or pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, the security of medications and controlled substances is essential. There are strict government codes and regulations that warehouse managers must adhere to, using wire mesh cages as a storage option and approved locking systems with dedicated personnel access only.

secure wire mesh cage guardine machines

Machine guarding

Machines can be extremely dangerous and restricting areas around them is critical in many warehouses. Wire mesh cages can protect machines whilst offering unrestricted airflow for cooling and ventilation. Coloured mesh cages can also improve visibility of dangerous areas within the workspace and prevent injuries.

The Benefits Of Wire Mesh Cages

Though simple, wire mesh cages are highly beneficial to warehouse managers and employees:

1. Durable

Manufactured from steel and available in coloured powder coating, the cages are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be colour matched to reflect company branding or even for ease of segregation of products throughout the warehouse.

2. Modular

By design, wire mesh cages are modular and double hinged, meaning that multiple configurations are available, and any square footage can be protected. Fully customisable, they are a truly bespoke option for customers when it comes to warehouse layout design.

3. Easily picked

Thanks to their modular and customisable design, the cages are easily picked by warehouse employees. The most effective workflow can be built into the project at the time of design and installation. Doing this ensures the cages protect the stock on racking or shelving as they must, without affecting productivity and pick times.

4. Visible and ventilated

Especially for larger items, warehouse staff can see the stock in situ and easily manage quantities and rotation. Visibility also provides an unfortunate necessity to see who is going in and out of the cages, keeping theft and damage minimal. Where items can degenerate from poor ventilation, the cages are a perfect storage solution while they await distribution.

5. Cost-effective

Wire-mesh cages are not expensive and yet can save warehouse managers a considerable amount of money in loss and damage protection of their high-value goods. The outlay of the cages pays for itself almost immediately when thought of in these terms.

At Nene, we fit wire mesh cages for clients in the UK and Europe for various needs and sizes. Our high-quality products and dedication to customer service excellence has proven time and again that we are one of the market leaders in warehouse storage design and installation solutions.