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The Advantages Of Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving has been around for decades and whilst it may look simplistic, it 100% does the job asked of it. Delivered with several advantages for storing small to medium sized stock, it is an ideal solution for warehouse and retail facilities.

Warehouse Design and Layout

Easy to build and adjust

Longspan shelving is typically a bolted design, held together with fixings and pins which makes it incredibly quick and easy to assemble. Should a re-design be required, or additions made, this way of building allows for easy adaptability and adjustability.

The design itself is modular, allowing it to be added to at any time (providing capacity restrictions are not overlooked) – facility space permitting – and can be reconfigured a number of ways, which is useful particularly for high turnover and where there are multiple stock variations coming in and out of the warehouse.

Warehouse stock Management

Durable and easy to maintain

Most commonly made of painted, galvanised steel, Longspan shelving is highly durable and can take constant, high volume usage, common in retail manual pick settings such as pharmaceutical dry goods.

The combination of strength and light in weight again lends itself to its easily manoeuvrability without compromising on its functionality and stability. That said, any movement of equipment must still only be carried out by qualified installers, with which Nene can assist.

Longspan shelving is easily maintained due to its simplistic nature and the minimal need for tools to be used on it – for removing and replacing nuts and bolts etc. It is used for manual picking and is untouched by forklift machinery to cause it any serious damage and constructed from steel means any damage it is subjected to can be largely absorbed.

The steel manufacture of the shelving also means it can be kept clean and sanitary with ease, making it an ideal racking solution for health and F&B products for example, where a manual hand pick and no forklift is required.

Warehouse Health and Safety

Easily integrated

The nature of the build allows for Longspan shelving to be integrated in with pre-existing warehouse racking with ease and they are can readily work in tandem with other types of other storage solutions to create a highly efficient warehouse. They can also be used with different materials; most typically steel for the shelving but can be integrated with wooden walkways or steel gratings for example.

The shelving can have solutions integrated into it too depending on the demands of the business, for example one section may require a number of low quantity but high SKU number areas for post items and small hand picking. In this case, Nene would recommend their Shelf Partitioning System (SPS) which complements the Longspan shelving perfectly to increase pick time, decrease product migration and crucially enhance accuracy.

Warehouse Worker Training

Cost effective and affordable

For all its benefits, Longspan shelving is cost effective and affordable. With a long history of usage throughout a variety of sectors, it has been a sustainable staple in warehouses and retail facilities across the globe thanks to the points above and its accessibility. The cost at the outset is reasonable – remember buy super cheap, buy twice – and then with the further maintenance and costs incurred with growth and change, self-managed by the shelving’s durability and sturdy construction, they largely pay for themselves over time. They maximise storage space, which is always at a premium cost to warehouse managers and ask for little in return.

There is no one size fits all; for the best solution many facts need to be considered regards the stock and the demands from your business. But, speak to one of the experts at Nene who will collaborate with you to find the design that ticks all the boxes for your specific need.