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Short-Term Pallet Racking Solutions

Whether you are installing new racking in an existing warehouse or are looking at solutions for extra storage capacity, a racking hire service solution could be a good fit for your business.

Not every warehouse requires an ongoing pallet racking storage solution, there may just be a short-term requirement to increase storage capacity during peak times. There are many ways in which you can increase your warehouse storage capacity, including; utilising vertical space with mezzanine floors, improving your warehouse layout and optimising space, and hiring racking on a short-term basis.


Is Rack Hire A Good Solution?

In the shorter-term, racking hire is the perfect solution, with hire periods spanning between as little as four weeks to as long as five years. Your chosen racking solution can be installed, having planned the optimum layout to suit your business.

Here’s where Nene can help:

Design and Planning

Our in-house warehouse design team can plan the optimum layout to suit your specific storage requirements, advising where any temporary racking can be located. Sometimes storing additional pallets is not always something that can be done by simply using the current warehouse racking as it depends on the goods size and weight. If goods purchased are based on changing business climates, rack hire could be perfect for any unconventional goods storage requirement.

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Manageable & Flexible Costing

The manageable fixed monthly cost for the racking hire can include ongoing racking maintenance carried out by our network of SEMA-accredited engineers. This incorporated service ensures that your racking solution is safe and compliant in your environment.

With hiring of racking, often there is no need to request capital expenditure from the business and with the added benefit of certain tax advantages for hire terms in excess of one year.

Dismantling and Returns

At the end of the arranged racking hire period, Nene’s team will dismantle your racking and take it away hassle-free, alternatively, you can simply extend the hire period.

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Need Racking Fast?

Unlike many other suppliers, at Nene we have huge stock holdings. Our Midlands-based facility ensures that delivery times are reduced as stock is transported from a central UK hub, getting racking to you in shorter lead times.

Our friendly team of expert advisors are on hand to help with any questions you have regarding any short-term storage solutions. We advise a call to run through the requirements and processes involved in any racking hire project. Please contact us for more information.