Cold Storage Racking: The Options and Benefits

Efficient cold storage is an integral part of cold chain logistics, whether stored onsite or at a third-party facility. With demand for faster delivery across greater distances higher than ever, refrigerated cold storage technologies are advancing to keep pace. Cold storage racking comes in several different types to complement the specific needs of the goods a warehouse is storing and how they will move along the supply chain.

What temperature classes an area as cold storage?

The facility or area of the site must be between 0-5º for refrigerated items. Goods that need to be frozen are in environments of 0º and lower.

Stock held in cold storage areas

Cold storage holds items that will decay and lose shelf life by not being kept in temperature-controlled storage.

Many items across various sectors are under strict regulation by law regarding how they are kept, too, with hefty penalties for non-compliance. There is also preference; some businesses may find a cooler setting is better for their product even if it is not necessarily perishable or if the storage area is prone to overheating.

The most common items kept in cold storage are:

Food and drink – meats, dairy, fruit and vegetables, highly perishable items

Medical – biopharmaceuticals, over the counter medicines, skincare, hospital store items, research medicines and resources

Considerations for Cold Storage Solutions

When selecting the most suitable cold storage racking for a cold storage area, it is key to consider the following:

Good clear access to load and unload the units in a fast effective manner to reduce exposure to temperature differences

Ensuring the space is optimised for effective cooling of all the products throughout the space in uniformity

Selection of the most appropriate racking materials that are resistant to adverse conditions

Have an intelligent layout within the storage area so the area can be used to its’ maximum

Cold storage racking types

There are several different racking solutions available to use in cold storage. All highly versatile, they optimise space, workflow, picking times and productivity, all crucial in the race to hit those delivery targets and keep products at their best.

Other factors to consider:

Adjustable pallet racking in a cold storage warehouse

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Nene Adjustable Pallet Racking is popular for its versatility in almost any warehouse scenario. With several variations available, including narrow and wide aisle options, APR houses any pallet size and can be adjusted easily to suit. Where cold storage requires several different sizing options, be that in food and drink, medical, or even beauty and pet care, APR is as bespoke to suit as needed. As it is an excellent option for most storage needs in warehousing, it is an ideal solution if a facility has multiple uses and cold storage is only one part of the whole building.

mobile packing system in a cold storage warehouse

Mobile Racking

A perfect solution for storage holding several different SKUs, Mobile Racking is controlled electronically, opening and closing aisles remotely to allow picking access.

High-density storage done incorrectly can be cumbersome and slow. Nene Mobile Racking delivers maximum storage space, with 100% of the pick face available in seconds, allowing for fast and efficient forklift picking from any side to get cold store items ready for shipping.

pallet live racking system in a cold storage warehouse

Live Pallet

Nene’s Pallet Live Racking is live racking that delivers an ideal solution for high-density storage where identical size pallets are in use. The key features here are the space optimisation the racking allows and the seamless workflow of the pick. Adopting either FIFO or LIFO loading, the pick and restock is swift, safe and easy.

drive in racking in a cold storage warehouse


Another high-density favourite, Nene Drive-In Racking, offers the same benefits as the live racking but for larger, bulkier goods on single SKU pallets that need to be picked by forklift. Space is optimised vertically and horizontally, making it the perfect solution for food and drink items in FMCG businesses.

Nene can help whether a sole supplier of frozen and refrigeration goods or using a smaller area of your facility for cold storage. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Nene’s expertise and experience delivers precision, efficiency and productivity to their clients. Contact Nene today to find out more about cold storage racking.

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