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Why Invest In High-Quality Galvanised Racking?

Racking is just made of metal – or so you might think. But, racking that is truly high-quality is manufactured from galvanised steel. Much more than a fancy name for pricier metalwork, the benefits of galvanised steel racking are many. We look at the what and why in this article.

What Is Galvanised Steel?

Stronger, more robust and safer (all of which we will come to), galvanised steel is layered in its manufacture. The steel base is coated in zinc, which significantly strengthens the metal and provides corrosion resistance and a more durable finish than steel can provide alone.

Naturally, this kind of durability is ideal and sought after for industrial racking for both inside and outside storage needs. The automotive and construction industries are also heavy users of galvanised steel for small parts requiring constant use and durability in car parts to steel supports for buildings and civil engineering.

Why you need high-quality galvanised steel racking

Galvanised steel racking is an investment, but one you will rarely need to make should you do it from the outset. The benefits of using galvanised steel for your racking far outweigh the initial costs and can, in turn, save you money in the long run:

galvanised steel racking inside a warehouse

Improved safety

The main benefit here is safety – galvanised steel is subject to strict regulations and, as such, is manufactured to national and international standards. This regulation ensures that high-quality raw materials are used in the production process to create a sturdy and safe end product. Once built into racking, the galvanised steel is superior in support of weight and durability, which keeps workers safe and at far less risk from deteriorating racking falling or collapsing.

galvanised steel racking with racking protection

Less maintenance over time

 A prime example of this. While nothing can get away unscathed, the maintenance needs for galvanised steel are far less than standard steel or other materials because it is so strong. So care for your racking appropriately and take measures to avoid accidents and protect more vulnerable areas with safety products such as Nene Column and Racking Protection; you will save money on unnecessary maintenance and call-out costs thanks to a high-quality product. This is a cost-saving essential to avoid loss of production time and output.

galvanised cantilever steel racking in an empty warehouse

Longer equipment life

The word investment can sound scary, but consider the lifespan of galvanised steel, and you can see how it pays for itself. Rural areas that are perhaps less prone to constant forklift picking and restocking can expect their galvanised racking to serve them for 50 – 100 years. And in industrial settings or areas exposed to more elements such as coastline benefit over 25 years. So, when you do the maths, that initial outlay works out to be outstanding value for the product’s life expectancy.

galvanised cantilever racking outside in rain

Use Indoor and Outdoor

Galvanised steel allows you to be adaptable with your equipment. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, its steel and zinc layering makes it highly resistible to corrosion, arid, and wet conditions, hot or cold – be that freezers or outside storage. Depending on the racking style you have, its ability to cope allows you versatility in the products you store and the location you have them in. Nene Adjustable Pallet Racking is a perfect example of this.

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Waste and unnecessary manufacturing are or at least should be, high on our list of priorities as businesses. So anything that can help to reduce waste and carbon footprint is a big deal. While steel manufacture isn’t exactly the greenest process in the world, it is offset by its long life span, reducing the need for more steel to be produced in excess, and it is easily recycled. Moreover, used sustainably, galvanised steel has a low environmental impact.

durable galvanised steel racking beams


We’ve said it already, but it bears repeating – galvanised metal is the durable, robust solution for metal racking equipment. The coating and manufacturing process renders it far superior to steel alone or any other metal, giving you a versatile and long-lasting product that can withstand almost anything you throw at it (not literally speaking!)

high-quality galvanised steel warehouse racking

Complete protection

It’s not just the large visible areas that are manufactured from galvanised steel, but every recess, inaccessible area and sharp, awkward corner are covered too. The big deal here is that there are no weak spots, no vulnerable areas due to a thinner coating or missing spots because they’re hard to reach. Because it doesn’t need a coating to protect it, it’s instilled into the product at manufacture, it is fully protected in every inch – no other coating or added protection can do that. 

galvanised steel warehouse racking inspection

Easy to inspect

To a trained eye (we can help you with that), galvanised steel is easily assessed for wear and tear. You can also do Non-destructive thickness testing with a kit such as a magnetic thickness gauge to check everything is as it should be. As all Nene equipment is produced with galvanised steel products, all our engineers, installers and inspectors are highly knowledgeable about testing and assessing for optimum quality control.

Galvanised steel racking isn’t necessarily cheap, but neither is your business. It will save you potentially thousands in maintenance, staff safety, production and replacement equipment costs in the longer term – all things you do not need to spend on unnecessarily.

Nene has been providing racking products and services to the industry for over 45 years, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality every time. Working with carefully chosen manufacturers, we have safety and durability at the top of our list for premium industrial racking. Contact our team to learn more and see what we can do for you.