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What Is A Warehouse Turnkey Project?

The term turnkey means that a finished product or project is ready for the customer to turn the key and go – from blueprints to carpets and finishings, the supplier manages the full scope of the project.

It’s a well-known term in construction but not one that necessarily guarantees high standards of service and quality. However, at Nene, this is a service we are passionate about.

After agreeing on a contract of times, dates, budgets, and requirements, we comprehensively manage every project phase, from inception to final delivery. We are not only responsible for ensuring the delivery of our warehouse racking projects and systems but everything else in between, ensuring client service excellence and outstanding quality products throughout.

What does a Nene Warehouse Turnkey project involve?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to turnkey projects, at least there shouldn’t be, as every client is different. Instead, a strong focus must be placed on the foundations and preparation work to set the tone for the rest of the build. What works for a global, high density, large-item warehouse won’t necessarily work for a smaller, slower pick scenario, for example.

With much to consider, we look at the different stages and factors involved in a warehouse turnkey project.

Things to consider before you start planning your warehouse layout

Warehouse design and reconfiguration

We all want more space, and while it is undoubtedly vital, it is no good creating extra space without optimising it to work best for your needs. ​​

When we look at client requirements, we consider everything from staff numbers to goods size, pick frequency and beyond to get a complete picture of the best configuration for their operations. So we not only maximise storage capacity, but we also optimise the space in doing so, using areas such as single or multi-tier mezzanine flooring, dividers, and mixed racking styles to support different requirements.

This means making it efficient to manage and support quicker pick times, product protection, and making sure it can handle the growing pressures warehouses are coming under to help increase the throughput of sales and grow with the business.

Our warehouse design and reconfiguration services at Nene look not only at our clients’ immediate needs, but also future efficiency and how to get the best from the equipment.

Nene warehouse design and reconfiguration service

Warehouse storage solutions & warehouse fit-out

There is a range of storage options available to clients to meet their specific needs, and Nene has intelligent solutions that can cater to any warehouse setting, in any sector;

Cantilever Racking

Perfect storage for horizontal items such as timber, boards and piping

Adjustable Racking

Adaptable, durable, and multi-functional system suitable for all types and sizes of pallet racking

Vertical Storage

Safe and efficient solution storing for long, oversized items such as piping and tubing

Long-Span and Industrial Shelving

Metal shelving specific for holding heavy goods unsuitable for pallet racking

Wire Mesh Products

Ideal for partitioning, security and storage cages, anti-collapse safety, and decking needs

stow shuttle racking system

Stow Shuttles

Deep lane storage and retrieval system that moves pallets within a specifically designed racking structure to optimise picking capacity

Safety and compliance are paramount to us here at Nene, and as such, our warehouse fit-out services are not only high quality but also SEMA approved, protected, and regulated. This means that you can guarantee safety and quality from the outset and also put in measures to safeguard your equipment in future, such as our maintenance programmes and racking protection products.

Office Design & layout

While the warehouse racking space naturally is the primary concern, it can’t be properly functional without the office space working in harmony with it. If paperwork and documentation have to come from outside or a at least a significant distance away, it can upset the workflow and impact the racking and pick.

Office layout design, we believe, is essential to the overall success of the warehouse functionality. House on the ground floor or utilise vertical space with mezzanine flooring and partitions, there are many ways to configure a fully operational and comfortable office for those working in it.

In true turnkey style, we can manage all fitting and fixtures down to decor and furniture, meaning when clients have the keys, they can get going straight away.

Find out more about our turnkey warehouse design and reconfiguration service.

Expert aftercare and ongoing maintenance

As previously mentioned, we are with our clients for the long haul and want to help them future-protect their equipment and systems.

Our turnkey services don’t stop at the final installation. With our range of aftercare services, including racking repairs, racking maintenance, additional project work, and more, we make sure you have everything you need now and in the future.

The benefits of a turnkey project

So why choose to do a turnkey project? It might seem obvious, having everything taken care of. Nene offers a comprehensive, quality service for our clients. This means they can concentrate solely on supervising the project as a client in collaboration with our designers and account managers, aligning with the terms of our agreed contract. We are determined to keep any worries and concerns on our side of the fence, to allow our clients to see the bigger picture and work on the rest of their business.

Whether you are looking for a redesign, a revamp of a legacy business or are just starting out and want to get off on the right foot, a turnkey project is a service that will give you all design and systems solutions bespoke to your needs that are safe, approved and in line with industry regulations. Find out more about how a turnkey project can work for you by contacting us today.