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Why used and refurbished pallet racking could be a good option for you

Second-hand or used can often evoke the perception of old, tired, on its way out. This isn’t necessarily true – used and refurbished does not have to mean sub-par quality for warehouse racking

Mainly used for medium to heavy items and particularly good for IBC’s, the gravity feed cart systems can be customised to suit various business needs and are becoming ever more popular thanks to the many benefits they present.

Why use second-hand racking?

New is always nice, but not always doable or in truth, necessary. Dependent on your usage and budget, second-hand racking options can provide the ideal solution to a number of needs and without breaking the bank. You may be in the market to add to your existing racking for the short term, need something for seasonal use or are perhaps at the beginnings of your business’ journey and need to test the water as it were. Used racking is very often ready to go too, which means it can be handy for a very short notice period, though Nene hold huge stock of new and used in-house and so can cater for shorter lead times whichever age is desired.

Cost effective

That said, it may be a simple case of budget – racking is not cheap, and nor should it be – but there are solutions that can be tailored and quality equipment available for varying budgets. Once you have worked out what you need, or indeed got some assistance via a warehouse design expert, you can then assess your options and see if new is necessary for your product and workflow.

Factors to consider

There are of course important considerations you need to make before purchasing any second-hand equipment. The safety of your warehouse crew is paramount and should be prioritised above all else. Get it right, and you are equipped with quality storage systems, suitable to your budget. Get it wrong; safety, product and revenue are all put at risk.

Cost too good to be true?

If you think that already, then it probably is. Second-hand systems will be cheaper than their new counterparts, but they shouldn’t be giving it away. As the old saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice. Nene’s used and refurbished systems and equipment all come signed off from inspection after being received into our stock holdings and uphold the highest fit for purpose quality.

The right racking for you

Don’t be blinded by price or your cost restrictions. As already mentioned, the cost effectiveness of pre-loved racking is a benefit, but it can’t be the deciding factor. Having one of the experts at Nene out to work with you and assess the demands on your business will determine the racking system you need, and the options available to you. If you are measuring up yourself, bear in mind that second-hand just may not be what you need and prepare for that. Newer systems on the market may not be available as ‘used’ but are the best system for your productivity demands.

Know who you are buying from

Auction sites and the chap in the pub are all well and good for some things, but warehouse racking is NOT one of them. Arguably the most important factor in your decision making, the reputation and accreditation of your provider will tell you what you are buying into; the quality, potential degradation and so on. On so few things would you invest so heavily and not have the experience and reassurance to back up your purchase. Storage equipment suppliers such as Nene have all these assurances firmly in place, with SEMA Accredited Racking Inspectors (SARI) in-house, and the knowledge and expertise to install high quality and safe, used and refurbished racking solutions.

For further information about Nene Used and Refurbished racking options, contact Nene on 01327 300456.