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Things To Consider With Drive-In Racking

Drive-In Racking is a simple yet highly effective system of racking, most commonly found in the manufacturing and F&B markets, with pallets loaded and picked by forklift trucks in lanes.

The last-in-first-out inventory system of loading and picking makes it an ideal solution for cold stores, non-perishable items and low turnover products that can be stored in high density.

There are a number of benefits to using Drive-In Racking systems…

Space optimisation and minimal operatives

The warehouse managers’ dream is a system that maximises space, reduces the need for operatives on the ground and is cost effective as a result.

Drive-In Racking encompasses all these things, allowing for as much depth as the cargo requires in the warehouse and as many load lanes as needed.

Space is maximised vertically and horizontally with little space required between the loaded product. With less travel required and a simple load and pick, more stock can be stored and picked with no wastage of space.

Cost effective

The drive-in pick means that the need for operatives on the ground is minimal in these areas, with only forklift drivers required. The result is a high-density storage and pick solution, utilised by a skeleton team of operatives keeping production high and costs down.

The investment of the Drive-In Racking system is reasonable too. As a relatively simple system maximising all the space it uses, its use in cold stores is prudent where space is often expensive and a prized commodity.

Customisation and adaptability

Whilst rigid in structure, the capacity of the Drive-In Racking is entirely customisable to work with the space you either have available, or that you want to consume within your facility.

The racking within the lanes is also adaptable per lane, meaning you can store product on different heights of pallet or varying load capacities within each lane by adjusting the beam heights, giving you the flexibility to add more SKU’s if needed; though we’d advise still that this style of racking works best with fewer SKU’s in large quantities.

Structure and materials used to construct the systems are extremely tough and durable, making for a highly secure and safe system for products and operatives alike.

Points to consider

Organisation and management are key

As with any racking system, it cannot do everything for you and its efficiency will be determined by the time and effort taken to be organised and well managed at the beginning. Poor management can lead to loss of stock/product, especially the pallets at the back, if you are not on top the planning of cargo and workflow.

This also applies to knowing what stock is where. The first pallet in, is the last one to come out by design, so if you find later down the line this has been loaded incorrectly, it is difficult and time consuming to get to those pallets and will ultimately cost you money to get to them. We would not recommend Drive-In Racking for high turnover pick items for example and so our trusted, expert consultants can advise you on the racking system to best suit your business needs.

Maintenance can be higher

Maintenance and cause of damage is naturally higher in this style of racking due to the nature of the pick; with forklifts regularly entering, exiting and turning around the equipment, it is inevitable that damage will occur. You can counter this with the maintenance and protection ranges from Nene, specifically the Rack Deflektor, Steel Upright Protectors and the End of Rack Barriers.

As with any racking solution, you need the correct system for your business needs and this is not always an off the shelf solution. Our experienced teams will consult, survey, advise and construct the perfect system for your facility using the highest quality materials, and inspected against the most stringent industry guidelines.