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Contract Maintenance

Contract Maintenance Package

Nene offers complete peace of mind for your racking with Contract Maintenance.

We will give you the option to allow us to take control of all of your racking in terms of maintenance and ‘fit for purpose’ issues.

We will then carry out repairs as required, with a full and competent supply service – with labour and cost of components to an agreed schedule.

This agreement can be on an “Annual” or “As and When” contract option.

Nene will supply one of our installation crews, all of which have SEMA SEIRS certification, CSCS, Altius & Avetta accreditations (Nene controls all training records, insurances and licence documentation for all installers).

Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Asset Management & Contract Maintenance' services in the UK and Europe.
Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Asset Management & Contract Maintenance' services in the UK and Europe.

Environmental Options

Disposal of surplus and damaged components.

Recycling Options

Re-use of good parts and refurbishment as required.

Unlike most of our competitors, we can offer support for older superseded racking systems that may still be in operation, along with huge stock levels at our facility.

Other Nene Services

Rack Inspections & Repairs

Storage safety racking inspections should be an integral part of your safety procedures.

Asset Management

Get complete peace of mind for your racking with Asset Management.


We have crews situated across the UK and can arrange installations at the drop of a hat.

Contract Rack Hire

When you need extra racking or storage for a specified time, you can hire storage from Nene.

Warehouse Design

Premise survey to create a 2D CAD layout, or a warehouse design from existing drawings.

Sign Printing

From Load Signs for your racking, point-of-sale signage and health and safety and warning signs, we can assist with your requirements.

Find Out More About Nene Contract Maintenance

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