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Second Hand Racking Is Enjoying A New Lease Of Life Due To COVID

There is a strong case for second hand racking in the wake of COVID, but what is it? As the name suggests, it’s used racking equipment that when bought from a reputable source, is a cost-effective and viable way to get quality racking for your warehouse when budgets are tight.

As the industry, and the economy as a whole, emerge from the effects of lockdown due to the pandemic, we see significant changes in the supply and costs of new racking.

While UK manufacturers do make racking systems, much of it comes from overseas. With limited supply across the board and a shortage in shipping containers, shipping costs are very high which is having a snowball effect on the price of raw materials and new racking systems.

With Brexit throwing its hat into the ring too, the issue of getting new racking products into the country to meet demand is very real.

Second hand racking makes perfect sense

Buying racking is of course a big investment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But second-hand need not mean second-rate. Buy from a reputable, accredited supplier such as Nene and you have high-quality, safe and reliable racking at a pre-used price.

Already in the UK, second-hand racking benefits from a quick turnaround time and transportation costs are much lower thanks to only localised and national shipping, no ferries needed.

Naturally, there are important things to consider with second hand racking

warehouse narrow aisle racking

Buy the right racking

Don’t buy it just because it’s cheaper. If it isn’t the right racking for your stock and facility, then it will be inefficient and potentially dangerous. It will cost you more in the long run to put it right, should things go wrong.

Not sure what racking you currently have? Use our racking identifier.

warehouse storing second hand pallet racking


If it sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is. Second hand is a great way to get the most out of your budget, but it must never be to the detriment of quality. A poor finish on a racking system can indicate a non-genuine product, resulting in no guarantee of the quality of the steel. This means you have no way of knowing if the equipment is compliant or know for sure what loads it can safely hold. Ultimately, the cost must match the value you are getting – buy cheap, buy twice as the saying goes.

Refurbished pallet racking

Purchase from a reputable supplier

Know who you are buying from. Your racking must be refurbished to the highest standards, guided by SEMA regulations and recommendations to ensure you are installing a safe and reliable racking system into your warehouse. The safety of your staff and the lifespan of your stock depends on it.

At Nene, we champion safety and quality at every phase of our services. Whether buying new or second-hand, the products we supply are done so with a dedication to customer satisfaction, quality, high standards, and health and safety core deliverables for every client we work with.

Speak to our experts to find out more about second-hand racking for your warehouse.